December 10, 2022

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Trump supporters block important Capitol trial: “Shame on Republicans”

  • ofAnna-Katrina Ahnefeld


Nearly five months after the shocking events of January 6, 2021, the waves have not calmed down. Republicans loyal to Trump They are voting against the Capitol storm investigation.

Washington, DC – Another milestone for Donald Trump in consolidating his power within the Republican Party. Despite the defeat of former US President Joe Biden in the 2020 US election by his Democratic challenger, he is still known as the “Big Lie” – accused of electoral fraud and the accompanying illegal victory Fitness. Nearly a quarter of Americans believe this lie. This was confirmed by a Reuters / Ipsos poll from May 17 to 19. His authority on the Republican platform seems unbroken. This should be a massive factor for the “Grand Old Party” (GOP) to continue to submit to the former president. How clear it was again on Friday (May 28, 2021). On January 6, 2021, the U.S. When Republicans blocked a two-party inquiry into Capitol’s storm. This is another blow to the heart of American democracy.

A majority of Republican senators voted against establishing such an organization. Only six Republicans, along with their Democrats, spoke in support of setting up an independent commission of inquiry. However, we would have taken ten Republicans to reach the 60 to 100 majority in the Senate we need. The so-called “Philipster” tool requires the votes of 60 out of 100 senators who can vote to agree on the outcome of the debate. Results: 54 to 34 – 34 Republican MPs win against body. With this unique copy of the U.S. Legislature plan, the minority in the Senate is able to block a number of programs by a majority. A powerful tool in the hands of Republicans.

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The Republican Party is blocking the investigation into the January 6, 2021 U.S. Capital storm

Democrat Joe Munch (West Virginia) admitted himself in a video recording of an American newspaper Politics Apparently frustrated: “Democrats basically gave everything they wanted (Republicans) They have heard every obstacle that has been there and if they do not want to hear the truth there is no reason not to do it now, ”said Manjin. 50% Republicans / 50% Democrats – The Democrats clearly approached the Conservatives in forming a two-party system. They now voted against it. “Politics I never thought it would crush our country (im Arginal: “Troop”) Can. I will fight to save this country. These are the strong words of a politician known for his conservative politics and who voted with the Republican Party in the past. Holding the thorn in the side of the Democrats: Philipster Regulation.

The commission should have the right to call in items and obtain confidential information to investigate the incident that killed five people. January 6 is considered the darkest day of American democracy and has shaken the country deeply. Nevertheless, the Republican Party refuses to comply with it – and demonstrates how far it is prepared to go to retain its power. The fate of the GOP is thus more and more closely tied to Donald Trump, knot by knot. This called for his party colleagues to block the body. The New York Times He described the vote as a testament to his loyalty to Trump – and the need to re-expose the effects of the electoral fraud charge, which is a malicious attempt by the party.

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Donald Trump retained power within the Republican Party – Nancy Pelosi did not leave

Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “They are ashamed of the Republican Party for trying to wipe out this day’s atrocity under the carpet because they are afraid of Donald Trump.” New York Times According to some of the moments voted. Democrat Nancy Pelosi, chair of the US House of Representatives, has already announced the possibility of setting up a special inquiry, independent of the Republican Party, with unilateral subsidiaries.

Almost five months after the events of January 6, the Republicans shook American democracy again. Proved how much more power Donald Trump still has. (Sister with material from dpa)

In the aftermath of the US election defeat, Republicans have been working diligently to further restrict ownership. They submit to Trump’s “Big Lie.”