Trump and Saudi Arabia prince Mohammed bin Salman - questionable relations
Trump and Mohammed bin Salman - questionable relations

Trump’s US Mid term Win – The Victory of Saudi Arabia

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Last updated on November 11th, 2018

Democrats are leading by a double digit score against their opponent, the Republicans, who only have 43 percent of likelihood of winning as compared to 50 percent likely voters who prefer Democrats. Yet, it won’t be surprising if after all, the Republicans still end up winning out of the blue. Despite being a democratic country, America is no different than undemocratic and repressive nations like, Egypt. The only difference is Egypt’s President Abdel Fateh al Sisi uprooted his opponents, way before the elections, while Trump does that later, covertly and with ‘external interference’. The next few months are then spent condemning nations like Saudi Arabia and then fixing the fault by ultimately praising them at conferences.

Republicans can’t let Democrats win for one very strong reason: If the Democrats win, America’s foreign policy and engagement in the world will definitely be reevaluated, as put by one Democratic Congress member. This will put at stake Trump’s relationship, deals, and financial interests with the gulf monarchies, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The two regimes have been stuffing Trump like a turkey with millions and billions of dollars in exchange of his silence and ignorance over their violation of the international human rights code. The Saudis, despite waging a brutal war in Yemen and killing journalists, dissidents and detaining activists, every now and again, doesn’t fear US sanctions at all. Meanwhile, examples like Turkey, Iran, and Moscow exist, where sanctions were put for detaining a pastor, developing ballistic missiles, and poisoning a Russian spy, respectively.

Pro-Republican articles also claim that the Democrats stand no chance of winning the elections, so their only resort is to ‘threaten about investigating’. The question remains, how could Republicans possibly be ‘threatened’ by investigations, unless there is something they are hiding from the world.

Election Funds
It was no big deal for the Trump administration to arrange funds for their election campaigns. The government of Saudi Arabia had recently wired $100 million to the US government, as per a State Department official. This happened on the exact day the US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo visited Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Meanwhile, Trump was busy defending him and buying MbS’ vague excuses of having no role in the murder.

Besides, the US-Saudi relationship is way beyond this one transaction. The Saudis have already made a pact worth $110 million for the purchase of arms and weapons from the United States, which they have been using in fighting their proxy war in Yemen against region rival, Iran.

It is beyond doubt that Trump administration, despite having no evident chance at winning the US mid-term elections, will win. The Saudis need him in power to remain in control themselves, and fulfill their interests globally through Washington. Even their own country’s purge took place with the ‘consent’ apparently granted by the Trump administration. There is no way the gulf monarchy is letting this chance go off their hands. They have come across way too many hurdles to lose everything now. The Republican’s victory not only ensures Trump’s retention in power, but also determines Mohammed bin Salman’s future in Saudi Arabia.

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