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Trump Vows to “Keep America Great” during his Re-Election Campaign

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Tuesday night witnessed President Donald Trump launching his re-election campaign from the rally in Orlando, Florida. During the rally, he called for the support of the crowd as he vowed to “Keep America Great” with his every effort.

While the rally saw a great crowd it also garnered the attention of the Democratic hopefuls, who criticized Trump. 

At the rally, Trump seemed to strike chord with the crowd with his speech even though it did not involve any new policy announcements or schemes for another spell. The rally saw Trump highlighting the key achievements of his tenure like tax reform, economy and deregulation.

The campaign also saw him criticizing the media, 2020 hopeful Democrats and special counsel Robert Mueller.

During the re-election campaign, he also seemed to provide the superfluous warning against Democratic hopefuls as he claimed that the Democrats will stop at nothing to rob the common people of another four years.

While many supporters seemed pleased with his “Keep America Great” slogan, he continued criticizing the Democrats, saying “They tried to take away your dignity and your destiny. But we will never let them do that, will we?”

“They tried to erase your vote, erase your legacy of the greatest campaign — probably the greatest election in the history of our country,” he added.

With the re-election campaign commencing, it is of notion that his efforts to re-secure second term will depend on few issues. Prior and  throughout his presidency, he always seemed to strike a chord with his conservative supporters.

Even though the recent polls suggest his supporters leaving him behind, he might secure his second term if he is able to garner their attention again.

Not to mention, the President has always been able to control the News media and steer away the focus from anything negative to something controversial. With his vow to “Keep America Great” and some success in improving the employment, he might also be able to have his re-run at the presidency.

Though it is still debatable if the current economy has seen a growth or a downfall, in his re-election campaign, he can remind the citizens that his presidency ensured Americans to have regular paycheck and if elected, it will continue to improve.

While the 2020 elections still remain an event of the future, with the turnout of crowd and promise to “Keep America Great”, there is a chance that his re-election campaign might become successful despite the conclusions of the Mueller Investigation or his stance on Border Wall Funding.


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