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Trump’s Future in Dark Over Blind Support for Saudi Arabia

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Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has left no point to bemuse Americans with his decision-making skills. Even during a crucial time — right ahead of the elections — he has disappointed literally no one. It was a rare incident, where President Trump didn’t care about his own interests. However, the question is, who had the power to manipulate the American President into something that can shake up the results of 2020 presidential elections against him?

The so-called greatest ally of the US, Saudi Arabia has been successful in using the Trump-marionette for its own gains. While the President had a chance to win points from the people, he chose not to. On April 16, Trump issued the second veto, which is as regrettable as his first. In a witless move, he vetoed the congressional resolution that would have ceased the US support in Saudi’s brutal war in Yemen.

“This resolution is an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities,” he said in a statement released by White House.

Well, the world is well-aware about the destructive campaign that the Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out in Yemen from last four years. It is also not hidden that the US has been providing crucial in-flight refuelling services to their jets, as well as logical and targeting help. Last year, the United Nations estimated that the coalition has led to the deaths of more than 7,000 civilians and over 11,000 wounded, majority due to the deadly airstrikes.

As the war has entered its fifth year, no relief is yet in sight. People are fighting for basic necessities and daily survival, where thousands of children are suffering from acute malnutrition and people are feeding their families on leaves. The barbaric coalition has even conducted several attacks to halt aid to the war-torn country.

However, President Trump has remained ignorant to the humanitarian crisis that Saudi has been causing in Yemen, continuing his unjustifiable support towards the Gulf nation and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Lately, Trump’s own party has been going against his decisions, particularly defying his take on the Kingdom.

Since the killing of The Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi — concluded by CIA to have taken place on the orders of MbS — both Republicans and Democrats had found a common ground against America’s blind support towards the Kingdom. However, it didn’t really work in front of Trump’s negligence. Even on the resolution, the two sides opposed the hawkish actions in Yemen, which was yet again turned down by the President.

Whatever the reason may be, it is likely to take away the position that Trump has been conveniently exploiting from past two years. The potential candidates have already attempted to use it against the Republican President.

A 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Representative Tulsi Gabbard recently accused Trump of turning the US into the “prostitute of Saudi Arabia” with the veto. In a video posted on her Twitter account, she stated that the President has proved again of being the “the servant of Saudi Arabia”, mentioning the extreme ideologies of the Arab nation that also “motivated al-Qaeda & other jihadists”.

President Trump could have used the opportunity wisely, but he rather decided to smash the American values, which are completely opposite of the regime that the Kingdom follows. He stated that the resolution attempts to endanger “the lives of American citizens and brave service members”, and many remain perplexed thinking if he actually has an idea of the perils that his veto possesses for Yemen.

The US relations with Saudi Arabia has been since Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, but in the 70 plus-year alliance, no US President was seen becoming a puppet to their needs until Trump. While he is making every effort to maintain Saudi’s confidence in the US, will Americans lose their confidence in the current President?

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