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Support for Trumps’ Mexico Wall is Waning Fast

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Last updated on January 31st, 2019

President Trump has been keen on to build the Mexico wall, and even more insistent that the neighboring country pays for the wall. It is clear that Mexico is not paying for any wall, and that “the wall” is slowly changing from a wall to a barrier to a joke. All said and done, Trump is not willing to let go.

Trump requested over $5 billion to start building his wall, a demand that the Democrats refused to give in to. The impasse between Republicans and Democrats was so huge that the government shutdown – USA’s longest, that lasted for over a month. It affected over 800,000 federal workers, who went without pay and were either furloughed or put on temporary leave.

It was Nancy Pelosi who eventually ended the impasse, not by giving any money, but by arguing that Trump’s demands were not reasonable. Although the shutdown has now ended, Trump is still demanding money, and says that government will only be open for 3 weeks until the next shutdown, or until his demands are met.

What do the next three weeks in government mean?

Republicans and Democrats are working furiously to find a way forward. Democrats refuse to sign a bill for Mexico wall. They have not supported the wall from day one, and would not give taxpayer’s money for it.

It is clear that while many Americans were in favor of Trump and his wall, many are starting to see the damage the Republican Party has caused with this government shutdown, particularly, to their own people.

Democrats and Republicans were affected by the shutdown, and federal workers found themselves unable to pay their mortgages or even put food on the table.

Trump has taken credit for the end of the shutdown. But in reality, he was forced to be on his knees by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. She refused to give Trump a date for his State of the Nation address either, something the President did not like. Pelosi stayed strong in her strategy, and the Democrats remained unwilling to compromise on funding of a wall that they believe to be immoral and illegal.

This has not been a good month for Trump, who is losing credibility every single day. The Mexico wall, should it happen, is unlikely to prevent illegal immigration and as the Democratic party says, and Republicans too, there are other ways to stem immigration. Shutting people out is not one of them.

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