February 3, 2023

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Tucker Carlson calls Ron Rivera a “fascist moron” for fining Jack Del Rio over Jan. 6 comments

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Sometimes I wonder why we feel like we live in two different countries within the same common borders. Then I watch some of Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, and this totally crap starts to make little sense.

Carlson, show it Played for an hour without commercial breaks On Thursday night in order to less likely change his channel viewers to one of the many other networks broadcasting the first public hearing of the Jan. 6 panel, Ron Rivera attacked the Washington captains coach last night for fining defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

Mediate.com has the clip. I decided to hold my nose and write it down.

“Jack Del Rio is a football coach, the defensive coordinator of the Washington Leaders, formerly known as the Redskins for some reason was unacceptable,” Carlson said. “So Del Rio indicated a few days ago that no one seems to be talking about the BLM riots anymore. Instead, they pretend they care about January 6. Well, he’s under attack because of this, because he’s not allowed You have to tell the truth on any level whatsoever. So he came back and said he stuck to his comments. That’s what he said.”

The show then broadcast a short clip from Del Rio’s press conference on Wednesday. It starts with Del Rio saying that he expresses himself with respect. It ends with Del Rio saying, “What did you ask? Simple question. Why don’t we look at these things?”

Oddly enough (or not), the clip ended before the point where del Rio dismissed the January 6 rebellion as “the dust in the Capitol.”

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“Oh, he thought he had the right to express himself respectfully in the land of freedom,” Carlson continued. But it turns out, no. Just hours earlier, Washington captains coach, a moron fascist named Ron Rivera, declared that Jacques del Rio had no right to speak, and that he had been fined $100,000 for doing so. Rivera began by saying, quoting, “Lives were lost. On January 6th,” which is a lie.

He then continued, quoting: “Our organization will not tolerate any parity between those who demanded justice in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the actions of those who, on January 6, sought to overthrow our government.” If you can think of a line full of dishonesty and more publicity, send us a text and tell us what it is, “cause we can’t. I mean, that’s just Maui. What he’s saying is basically, “Shut up. You’re no longer allowed to talk. If you don’t agree with the creed, you’ll be punished. This is an NFL team. This happens everywhere.”

To summarize, Carlson’s staff omitted any reference to Del Rio that described the insurgency (or, as one of Carlson’s guests suggested Thursday night, the FBI’s plot to trap Donald Trump supporters) as “dust.” Also, Carlson called the twice respected NFL Coach of the Year a “fascist moron”. Finally, Carlson said it was a lie to claim that lives were lost on January 6.

Carlson works for Fox News. A sister company to a major broadcasting partner of the NFL. However, the NFL, which frankly has no qualms about complaining about me to NBC when it saw fit, never said a word about Carlson.

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The NFL may be complaining about Carlson in particular. If so, it is rudely ignored. As evidenced by last night’s comments about Ron Rivera and leaders.

We will be asking the league and team for a comment in response to Carlson’s attack on Ron Rivera. Chances are that neither of them will have anything to say. This is unfortunate. At a time when not enough people are telling the truth, its adherents must be prepared to stand up and count them.