December 6, 2022

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022 is Stock Market Day

Blogger could not have started a new trading week: Docs broke the 15,000 mark and slipped Daily low of 14,953 points, Then ends at 15,011 digits with a discount of nearly 600 points or 3.8 percent. Although some prices in Asia were in positive territory in the morning, the leading German stock market index had already started significantly in the red – and extended the losses again after the Wall Street opening. It has adjusted by about eight per cent from an unprecedented 16,290 points.

Interest rate speculation was not the main negative factor, but rather the crisis in Ukraine moved forward: investors withdrew from the shares, fearing further escalation of tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine. “Interest rates and fear of war determined the actions of investors in the German stock market earlier this week,” NTV stock market correspondent Frank Meyer commented.

The Dax is currently valued at 15,112 points, about 100 points higher than its Monday closing price. The main reason for this is that Wall Street prices have recovered significantly before the end of trading there. The Dow Jones index turned slightly positive. However, it remains to be seen whether this will already be considered a trend change.

The reporting season is clearly gaining momentum, and so does the back seat: over the course of the day, some large US companies are on the agenda with their figures, but Logitech and VW competitors are doing just that. Hyundai. Afternoon and afternoon, American companies take the lead after that. So keep about that General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Radion, Lockheed Martin, American Express And Verizon Front numbers. Heavyweight opens after the US stock market closes Microsoft His books. Further Texas Tools Current results.

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On the economic side, investors should be paramount Ifo Business Climate Code Be focused. It will be released at 10.00am.