December 5, 2022

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Turkey: Wildfire in Antalya – Violent fire


A severe wildfire is spreading in the Turkish province of Antalya

Severe wildfire in Turkey

Severe wildfire in Turkey

There was a great fire in the heart of Turkey. There are flames of a wildfire.

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A severe wildfire has broken out in the Turkish province of Antalya. Flaming flames spread throughout the city.

Berlin / Manavkat.

  • A severe wildfire has broken out in the Turkish holiday region of Antalya
  • The fire spread to residential areas in Manavkat town
  • Many had to be evicted

In Turkey Andalia Province is the largest Fire Exploded. This is shown by photos and videos of Twitter users. Under the hashtag # Anthropologist One sees pictures of raging flames and large clouds. According to the governor’s office, two fire engines and 15 helicopters are in use.

As Turkey The Hurriet newspaper reports on it WildfireThey have spread to areas of the mind due to strong winds. Then Flames As it reached the city center, many areas were evacuated. Firefighters are battling the blaze.

Citizens want to help put out the fire

“Fire is in it Residential areas Infiltrated. Many homes and workplaces were burned. It spread to the heart of the forest, “said Zakre Susan, mayor of CNN Turk, a television broadcaster.

According to the DHA news agency, people had to be brought to safety in a hospital. One person is being treated for severe burns. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Mustafa Yikit, Governor In Manavkat district, reinforcements were announced from all the surrounding provinces. “We are very cautious and hope there are no casualties,” he told CNN. Currently there is no danger to tourists. The reason Fire Not clear yet.

Wildfire in Turkey – Map showing the location of the fire

You can see the approximate location of the wildfire on this Google Maps map. If you have problems with the display, please click this link.

(kat / dpa)

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