December 5, 2022

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UFO sighting near Bali: Authorities are investigating a mysterious accident on the beach

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A mysterious flying object was found in Indonesia. A video shows how it falls into the sea. Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

East Java / Indonesia – UFO sightings have a long history. Jose Bonilla tracking was one of the first documented observations of an unidentified object on the plane. Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla was able to observe and document many small objects in front of the solar disk in August 1883. At the time, no logical explanation was available, meanwhile researchers at the National University of Mexico classified the views as possible fragments of a comet. But even today we still do not know everything about the universe, so there are always indescribable views – the most recent happened on the coast of Indonesia.

UFO in Indonesia: Flying object slides in the sea

On the shores of the Junger, the Witnesses filmed a long flying object on the horizon, which slowly disappears into the water, leaving a kind of smoke behind it. The “landing” seems so restrained that the whole thing doesn’t seem to crash. The head of the Indonesian space agency is now investigating the incident and a team has been sent to the affected area in East Java. An island in the west is the tourist island of Bali.

Visiting time in Indonesia was also a success. Because on June 1, the US Department of Defense wants to submit a report, which is to be published on the secret research on previously unknown flying objects. The Pentagon probably did not trust the aliens. Rather, the secret statement aims to explore whether Russia or China can come up with new, potentially advanced weapons technology.

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More and more UFO views: “The increase in such reports is noticeable”

From the British newspaper The sun Emanuel Singh Mambuni, chairman of the Indonesian Space Commission (LABAN), speculated that the hitherto unidentified object may have been a kind of balloon: “it was very slow to be an object falling from space.”

Often, UFO vision becomes a completely “natural” object. At least corresponds to the observation time. According to the Central Research Network for Extraordinary Astronomical Observations (SENAP) in Hesse, extraterrestrial observations on the plane from the Corona epidemic occurred more frequently than usual: “Now, for more than a year with less aerial activity in Germany, the increase in such reports is significant,” said Xenop. Said Hans Jrgen Kohler. (Bread)

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