December 5, 2022

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UK: Youths ambush and kill 13-year-old boy – News Abroad

He is 13 years old …

Two male teenagers (now 14) have been found guilty in the murder of Ally Stephens († 13) in an English city study. This sentence – common in the UK legal system – will be announced at a later date.

Todd is hard to beat when it comes to cold blood

According to the prosecutor, a woman (14) first lured Olly Stephens to a park via Snapshot, where her 13 and 14-year-old accomplices were hiding her. A fight broke out in which a young man stabbed a victim of the same age.

At the age of 13 he died of multiple stab wounds to the chest and back.

Surveillance camera footage shows Allie Stephens walking into the park – where he is killedPhoto: Thames Valley Police / DBA

Disaster: Adolescents lay the boy’s body there, disposing of the clothes they were wearing during the bloody act in cold blood. They also tried to hide the evidence of the crime they committed on Snapshot.

But without success. Investigators were able to reconstruct the chats and then described any violence against the victim as “karma”. Ally Stephens “deserves it all”.

The eldest of the two offenders wrote: “I hate him so much. If I ran into him now, I would kill him. “

Prior to the trial, the girl pleaded guilty to murder. At the time of the crime, 13 and 14-year-old boys were charged with murder in court. They face lengthy prison sentences. The British legal system will determine their duration later.

A police spokesman said: “The utterly intelligent death of Ally Stephens, planned and performed by the other three children, will frighten us as a community.”

The victim’s family said: “On this auspicious day, Olly left our house. Within 13 minutes of leaving our house, he was gone forever. It took us two minutes to end his life and break our hearts. “

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