January 28, 2023

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Ukraine: China surprises Putin with stop sign

Munich Security Conference
Ukraine crisis: China sends signal to Putin to stop

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (in Athens in October): In a video message at the Munich Security Conference, he spoke out against Russian intervention in Ukraine.

© Angelos Tzortzinis / AFP

This came as a surprise to many, including Vladimir Putin. At the Munich Security Conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke out against Russian intervention in Ukraine.

At the Munich Security Conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for a peaceful solution to the Ukraine conflict and a return to the Minsk agreement. “Why can’t all parties sit down and have detailed talks and create a timetable on how to implement this agreement,” Wang Yi said in a translation on Saturday.

“All sides need to focus on what needs to be done – instead of escalating tensions, it is provoking panic and perhaps even the risk of war.” “Now all nations must take responsibility and work for a peaceful solution,” Wang Yi demanded.

Wang in Ukraine: Preserving the territorial integrity of the states

The Minsk Accord is a Franco-German mediated peace agreement reached in 2015, where pro-Russian separatists are embroiled in conflict in eastern Ukraine with Ukrainian government soldiers. Stipulates that both pro-Russian separatist regions are autonomous regions of Ukraine. However, Kiev has not yet submitted its autonomy law.

Recording his speech on video, Wang Yi said, “The sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of each country must be protected and respected. This is one of the fundamental rules of international relations.” Ukraine is no exception here, he insisted.

China: NATO expansion eastward cannot guarantee peace

However, he once again opposed the expansion of NATO to the east. “The Cold War is long overdue and a product of the NATO Cold War era,” he said, adding that in China’s view, expansion to the east could not guarantee lasting peace and security in Europe.

As tensions between Russia and China have recently brought the two closer together, the Chinese Foreign Minister’s statement has taken many political observers by surprise. In a joint declaration, the two countries demanded an end to NATO’s expansion to the east. Russian President Vladimir Putin also expressed support for the Ukraine crisis when head of state and party leader Xi Jinping visited Beijing ahead of the start of the Winter Olympics.


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