December 6, 2022

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Ukraine conflict: fighting in eastern Ukraine – politics

Separatists in eastern Ukraine accuse government troops of violating the current ceasefire agreement. The morning report of the Ukrainian military on Thursday, on the other hand, only reported isolated violations. The Luhansk rebels said dozens of mortar shells had been fired at several locations in the Luhansk region, especially in the morning. Rebel positions in the Donetsk region were also fired upon. The rebels fired back.

The Ukrainian military has refused to open fire on separatist positions. A government spokesman told Reuters that although gunfire had been fired in the area, there was no renewed fire. A village near Luhansk was shot down by pro-Russian separatists; A kindergarten was attacked. Neither side reported any losses on their own teams. Independent representations are not yet available.

Fighting erupted in eastern Ukraine, according to observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Reuters quoted embassy sources as saying that artillery fire had been carried out. OSCE ceasefire monitors have identified an average of fewer violations in the past few days than in the previous year.

Since 2014, Western-backed government troops have been fighting pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, not far from the Russian border. The United Nations estimates that more than 14,000 people have already been killed, mostly in separatist areas. A peace plan has not been implemented since 2015. (02/17/2022)

Lavrov: Russia will respond to the United States on Thursday

Russia wants to respond to a letter sent to the United States this Thursday regarding demands for security guarantees. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said that the analysis of US letters was over. Russia’s position must be made public: “We consider it absolutely necessary for interested members of our civil society (…) to have an idea of ​​the position of each side,” he said. Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Khrushchev said the letter to NATO would be released later. The answer to the military alliance is still working.

Russia has provided a list of demands for security guarantees to the United States and NATO. For example, the military alliance must not recognize Ukraine. In response, the West rejected key concerns. Letters on Russian demands from NATO and the United States were met with disappointment in Moscow. Russia views the military alliance as a threat to its security.

NATO also expressed hope that Russia would soon agree to a proposal for a new consultation with the NATO-Russia Council. However, Lavrov initially denied the allegations. It is impossible for Russia to negotiate there again. In January, the NATO-Russia Council reconvened for the first time in years.

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Russia has come under fire from the West for amassing tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border. Thus Ukraine is under threat. The United States has warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen at any time. Russia rejected this and announced a partial withdrawal of troops after the maneuvers were over. Lavrov has now reiterated his announcement on February 20 that Russia and Belarus will end their joint military maneuvers as planned. (02/17/2022)

The United States has announced a new deployment of Russian troops

The US government classifies the partial withdrawal of Russian troops announced by Moscow to defuse the conflict in Ukraine as misinformation and instead considers that the military presence will continue to expand. “In the last few days, Russia has brought about 7,000 additional troops near the Ukrainian border,” some of whom have just arrived, “a senior White House official said Wednesday. Meanwhile, the findings of the US government show that the announcement of the withdrawal of a part of Russia was “false”.

The official told a news conference in Washington that Russia was open to a diplomatic solution to the conflict. “But all the evidence we have now is that they only offer negotiations and, when secretly mobilizing for war, put forward demands for a reduction in the increase,” the representative said. According to the rules of disclosure, the name of the top official in the administration of President Joe Biden cannot be mentioned.

There is information that Russia could create a stage or event “excuse” for the attack on Ukraine “at any time”, the official said. For example, there may be a provocation in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. The official said Russian misinformation was on the rise, including unsubstantiated claims that the United States and Ukraine were using “biological or chemical weapons.” It is not clear for what reason Russia is going to use it in the end. “We hope the world is ready for this,” the official said. “No one should take these claims at face value.”

The British Secret Service apparently came to a similar conclusion. Lt. Gen. Jim Hockenhall, the head of the British military intelligence service, said: “We do not see any evidence that Russia has withdrawn its troops from Ukraine’s. It is reported that additional armored vehicles and helicopters were seen moving towards the borders of Ukraine. “Russia has the military strength to invade Ukraine.” (02/17/2022)

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Trinity for far-sighted arms reduction talks between NATO and Russia

In the view of the Greens’ foreign politician Jர்கrgen Trittin, NATO should provide Russia with disarmament talks during the talks on the Ukraine conflict. “It would be highly desirable if both sides could reach an agreement on medium and short-range missiles stationed in Europe,” Tritin said. Oxburg General. The main objective should be mutual missile-based air defense systems.

“If Russia promises to withdraw its weapons from Kaliningrad, it will be in the best interests of all in Europe if NATO removes the missile defense system that is said to target only Iran,” he said. “Eastern Europeans in particular deserve a policy of restricted mutual disarmament.” Trittin added: “However, whether a new phase of disarmament policy emerges from this crisis depends on Russia’s domestic policy.” (02/17/2022)

Scholz and Biden did not see a large withdrawal of Russian troops

President Olaf Scholes and US President Joe Biden are seeing little progress on the border with Ukraine. In a conversation Wednesday evening, the two politicians agreed that Russia risks further military aggression against Ukraine, said federal government spokesman Stephen Hebstreet after a phone call between Biden and Schlz. High awareness is needed, and the significant withdrawal of Russian troops has not yet been noticed. The situation on the border with Ukraine is estimated to be “very serious” due to the massive increase in Russian troops.

According to President Volodymyr Zhelensky, Ukraine has not yet noticed the withdrawal of Russian troops near its borders. “We see one or another cycle, but I would not call it the withdrawal of troops from the Russian Federation,” he said on public television. It’s too late to be happy.

During the conversation, Scholes told Biden about his travels to Kiev and Moscow. The two sides welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for diplomatic efforts to continue early, the federal government said. Moscow also holds the key to a constructive dialogue on questions of European security and progress in eastern Ukraine. Russia must take real steps to reduce the severity. A spokesman said Russia could expect more serious consequences if there was further military aggression against Ukraine’s regional integrity and sovereignty.

After the meeting, the White House said Fiden and Scholes emphasized the importance of Atlantic overseas cooperation. If Russia attacks Ukraine again, it will apply to diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis, preventive measures and strengthen NATO countries in the east.

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Russia announced on Tuesday that it had begun withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border following the maneuvers. Contrary to NATO’s findings, Moscow continues to send troops to the border. “So far we have not seen any recession. On the contrary: Russia continues to maintain its military presence,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a gathering of defense ministers in Brussels on Wednesday. Of the Coalition States. The Russian Defense Ministry, on the other hand, insisted that some more troops be withdrawn. (02/16/2022)

Putin is ready for talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed interest in holding talks on the Ukraine crisis. He supports negotiations and diplomacy and is willing to speak in favor of US President Joe Biden, according to the Russian presidency in Moscow. The Kremlin welcomes Biden’s direct request to Russian citizens. But it would be even better if he asked the Ukrainian people to stop shooting at each other.

Russia sees the conflict in Donbass as purely a Ukrainian civil war. The government in Kiev and the West, on the other hand, accuse Russia of directly supporting the separatists, which the Moscow government denies. However, 700,000 Russian passports have been issued in eastern Ukraine since 2014.

US President Biden has previously said that the Russian occupation of Ukraine is “still” a viable possibility. The United States is still ready for a diplomatic solution to the conflict, Biden stressed. But Biden said his country would act quickly and decisively if Russia decided to use force.

According to Russia, the United States is deliberately provoking tensions over the Ukraine conflict in order to gain a foothold in the gas market. A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States wanted to ensure that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline did not become operational due to their actions. The United States sought to participate in Russia’s European gas market. The United States has criticized the North Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline, believing it’s increasing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. If Russia invades Ukraine they should be allowed. In addition, the United States wanted to export their liquefied gas, which is derived from the rejection process in Germany. (02/16/2022)