February 1, 2023

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++ Ukraine conflict: military maneuvers with nuclear missiles – Russia provides new details

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The conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate – the international situation in the news ticker.

  • In the conflict between Ukraine* And Russia* There is no relaxation in vision.
  • Anthony Blingen, Secretary of State United States*, Outlines possible Russian offensive plans at the UN Security Council. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Versin described the portrayal as provocative.
  • A look at the news situation on the conflict in Ukraine.

>>> Update News Ticker <<

+++ 12.45 pm: Russia’s defense ministry says a military maneuver to test a nuclear weapon has been planned in advance. According to the Kremlin, Russia tests missiles several times a year.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said there was no reason to worry abroad about the test. Many exercises are currently underway, “Pesco said,” which is completely obvious to experts in other countries.

The missile was launched during a Russian naval maneuver.

© Yuri Smithyuk / Imeko Images

Ukraine crisis: Russia’s military maneuvers – “it will be terrible”

+++ 12.07 pm: In view of the growing crisis on the Russia-Ukraine border, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to travel to Munich for a security conference. This was announced on Friday (February 18, 2022) by the seat of Government Downing Street. Secretary of State Liz Truss and Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace have announced that they will attend. Johnson is expected to arrive in Munich on Saturday (02/19/2022).

Heads of state and government from the United States, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland and Romania, as well as representatives of the European Union and NATO, were expected to discuss the crisis in a telephone call on Friday.

According to a report in the Times, the British government expects the Russian invasion of Ukraine to be immediate. According to British security experts, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to do so in the last 24 hours, according to the report. The newspaper quoted an unnamed government official as saying, “He will do it, it will be terrible.”

Meanwhile, Russia has announced further military maneuvers. The planned training will include testing “strategic” ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, according to various news agencies of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Its purpose is to test the reliability of “strategic nuclear weapons.”

Russia has announced a new military maneuver. (Icon)

© Viktor Tolochko / Imago Images

Fighting again in eastern Ukraine: It is not clear whether there were casualties

+++ 11.20 am: According to the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatist troops, there were renewed attacks in eastern Ukraine on Friday (February 18, 2022). In the statements, both sides blamed each other for violating the current ceasefire.

Insurgents in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions say several dozen bombs have been fired in their home territory since midnight. Compared to the previous day, the shelling has intensified considerably. Two substations were damaged. The Ukrainian military spoke of nearly two dozen ceasefire violations. According to the German Press Agency (dpa), this information cannot be verified independently. It is not yet known if anyone was killed or injured.

Ukraine crisis: Russia announces military maneuvers

+++ 10.45 am: On Saturday (02/18/2022) Russia announced military maneuvers involving “strategic” armed forces. According to various news outlets, President Vladimir Putin will oversee a planned exercise with “strategic” ballistic and cruise missiles as “Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army”. Its purpose is to test the reliability of strategic nuclear weapons.

Wars in Ukraine: Is Russia looking for an “excuse”?

+++ 10.00 am: On Thursday (02/17/2022) pro-Russian separatist groups and Ukrainian government forces accused each other of firing. Among other things, the United States has accused Russia of seeking to find an “excuse” for an invasion. Chancellor Olaf Scholes spoke at a joint press conference Vladimir Putin* Previously “genocide” in eastern Ukraine.

Observers for OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) reported the shelling in the Donbass to Reuters news agency on Thursday morning. Ukraine denies separatist claims Pro-Russian troops shelled a kindergarten near Luhansk* And two teachers were injured.

“We call on all partners to expeditiously condemn Russia’s total violation of the Minsk Accords amid an already tense security environment.”

After the events in eastern Ukraine: The Kremlin “very worried”

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic announced on its Telegram channel that the situation had “increased drastically”. “The enemy is trying to unleash active hostilities,” the statement said. In Moscow, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Donetsk’s claims “disturbing” and “a matter of grave concern.”

“We hope that our enemies from the western capitals, from Washington, from NATO will use their influence and warn the Kiev government against further escalation,” Peskov said.

Ukraine crisis: Bundeswehr Eurofighters land in the Black Sea

Updated from 9am on Friday, February 18, 2022: Three Bundeswehr Eurofighters arrived at a military airport in Romania on Thursday. They are due to take part in a two-week air force exercise to defend NATO’s southeastern part. According to Bundeswehr, the machines and crew were mostly integrated into the Italian Eurofighter group. Military training aims to contribute to international preparations for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine conflict.

Ukraine crisis: Blinking outlines possible Russian offensive plans at UN Security Council

Blinken described Russia’s possible action during the conflict and during the possible invasion. Der Spiegel quoted the US Secretary of State as saying that the excuse was a terrorist attack in Russia, a mass grave discovery, a drone strike on civilians or an “attack with fake – or real – chemical weapons.”

First Report Friday, February 18, 2022 at 6 p.m .: Munich / Brussels – Thursday (February 17, 2022) at the UN. At the Security Council meeting, the only topic was the ongoing Ukraine crisis. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen also stopped on the way to the Munich Security Conference in New York. He reiterated how an offensive excuse could be constructed: “It could be an act of violence brought by Russia against Ukraine or an outrageous accusation made by Russia against the Ukrainian government.”

In his speech, which lasted about 15 minutes, Blinken also explained Russia’s possible actions in the event of an invasion. “Communication networks are blocked. Cyber ​​attacks will paralyze key Ukrainian companies. After that, Russian tanks and troops will advance towards key targets, “said Der Spiegel, a US Secretary of State.

Ukraine crisis: Russia denies allegations

At Thursday’s meeting, Anthony Blinken called on Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershini to inform the world at the Security Council that Russia will not invade Ukraine. He was not impressed by America’s accusations. According to Spiegel, “We’ll guess enough about that,” Vershin said. The scenes described by Blinken are nothing more than a provocation. “Stop this frenzy about the Russian occupation,” he said after the meeting. Der Spiegel quotes him as saying that Russia’s “sovereign right” is to move troops into its own territory.

The United States has previously warned that Russia could make excuses to justify an attack on Ukraine. What is new, however, is a detailed description of blinking in the public forum. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations.

(AFP / dpa / rtr with MS / tu / nak) * fr.de is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubrick List Image: © Yuri Smityuk via www.imago-images.de

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