February 1, 2023

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Ukraine conflict: Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists accuse each other of violating the ceasefire

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Troops face each other on the border between Russia and Ukraine. After the agreement is reached, the guns speak again.

  • The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has reached a climax. The Kremlin is increasing the presence of its forces on the border. However, the German ambassador to Ukraine clarifies everything with caution.
  • NATO is increasing the operational readiness of its associations. Vladimir Putin threatens the West with a “military-technological reaction” and raises serious allegations against the United States and Europe.
  • All information and improvements in our live ticker.

+++ 9:25 pm: One day after the ceasefire agreement was reached in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian armed forces and pro-Russian militants have already been accused of violating the ceasefire. Authorities in the pro-Russian People’s Republic of Donetsk said on Thursday that a civilian had been injured in an attack by Kiev armed forces on Thursday. For its part, the Ukrainian military says separatists have carried out three attacks on their positions.

The military says separatists used large-scale mortars and grenades. Several ceasefire agreements for eastern Ukraine have failed in recent years. The most recent deal, which ended in July 2020, has been repeatedly reported as a dangerous breach for the past few months.

Ukrainian border guards on the border with Russia. The ceasefire seems weak.

© dpa / Ukrainian Board Guard Press Off

Germany and France welcome ceasefire agreement

+++ 7pm: Germany and France have welcomed an agreement between Ukraine and Russia to restore a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. “We urgently call for compliance with the ceasefire agreement and further talks on further action in the humanitarian field,” a Foreign Office spokesman and a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

In a joint statement, Berlin and Paris praised Kiev and Moscow’s commitment to “make a significant contribution to the security situation in the liaison before Christmas.” They called on both sides to “comply with the other conclusions of the Paris Summit 2019”.

Amid current tensions, Russia and Ukraine on Wednesday reached an agreement with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to restore a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

Conflict with Ukraine: Putin says NATO expansion is “unacceptable”

+++ 16.29 pm: During the conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated his call for Western security assurances. Putin told his annual news conference in Moscow on Thursday that extending NATO eastward was “unacceptable” to Russia. Russia does not tolerate any Western armed forces “on its doorstep.” Putin called the US readiness to negotiate Moscow’s demands “positive.” Meanwhile, in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, there is new hope that the fighting will end.

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“The ball is in your field. You have to give us an answer,” Putin said, referring to the necessary security assurances. We have been told. ”

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the annual press conference on the conflict in Ukraine.

© Alexander Zemlianichenko / dpa

Conflict with Ukraine: German ambassador talks about Russia’s plans

+++ 12.50 pm: According to Spiegel Online, Moscow is currently trying to allay concerns about an invasion of Ukraine. “I assure you that no Russian troops are actively preparing for an invasion of Ukraine,” said Vladimir Chisov, Russia’s ambassador to the European Union. According to Der Spiegel, Chizhov could not understand Europe’s concerns because the troops’ movements were on Russia’s territory. “Not a single Russian soldier crossed the Russian border,” Chisov said. Russia aids Russian-speaking population groups in other countries, “but Russia has never said it would use military means,” he said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke about the “significant military structure” of Russian troop movements. “There are no signs that this march will stop or slow down,” Stoltenberg said. Moscow must “ensure a peaceful and sober Christmas for all of us, calming tensions and withdrawing its troops,” the secretary general said. On the other hand, German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen wrote in an email to German citizens living in Ukraine that “the probability of a widespread Russian attack remains low.” “We have not seen any significant increase in troops near the Russian border with Ukraine in the last few weeks.”

Moscow is trying to allay concerns about an invasion of Ukraine.

© Anatoly Stepanov / afp

Ukraine conflict: Former President of Ukraine accused of treason

Updated, December 23, 2021, 9.15 am: Ukraine presents Vladimir Putin with a Christmas present Former President Pedro Poroshenko has been charged with treason. This was announced by the State Investigation Office in Kiev. The former head of state has also been accused of financing terrorist activities.

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Poroshenko was considered a puppet of Washington, especially in Russia. He was the one who brought American paratroopers to Ukraine in 2015 so they could help train their own military. This was taken as an insult to the Kremlin and confirmed Poroshenko’s role as Putin’s arch – enemy. Now the first face faces up to 15 years in prison.

According to Sergei Markov, co-chairman of the Moscow National Strategic Committee, the politics of Poroshenko’s arrest are clear. “[Wolodymyr] Selensky is following Poroshenko, who is loved by the West, to send a signal to Washington and Moscow, ”Markov told the Daily Beast, an American news website.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky is approaching Putin here in conflict with Polish President Andrzej Duda and Russia.

© Manual / afp

Ukraine conflict: Putin threatens military action – Increases readiness for NATO action

Updated, December 22, 2021, 2:55 pm: NATO reacts to Russian troop movements on the Ukrainian border. Operational readiness of troops in the region has increased. The Wealth newspaper quoted diplomatic sources in the military alliance as saying.

Above all, NATO’s rapid reaction force, the so-called “NATO Response Force” (NRF), is on standby. There are up to 40,000 players.

Divisions of the Ukrainian Border Guard near the border with Russia.

© afp

Ukraine conflict: Vladimir Putin threatens NATO

Initial report: Moscow / Kiev – Russian President Vladimir Putin tightens his tone on the conflict with Ukraine. He is currently threatening a “military-technical” reaction to the West’s “friendly” behavior. Putin said in Moscow on Tuesday (December 21, 2021) that if the West did not abandon its “clear position of aggression”, “we will take appropriate military-technical retaliation.” There was a reaction from President Olaf Scholes (SPD). In the first phone call with the Russian head of state, he stressed the “elevation”.

Speaking to senior officials in the Ministry of Defense and Defense, Putin said Russia would “take a hard line on non-aligned actions.” For weeks he has been accusing the US and NATO of fomenting tensions near the Russian border. Putin’s comments raise fears that the Russian military may be planning an invasion of Ukraine. Russia has mobilized tens of thousands of troops on its neighboring border. The G7 countries and the European Union are threatening to face “massive consequences” if they attack Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu are under pressure over the Ukraine conflict.

© Mikhail Metzel / dpa

Ukraine conflict: Putin denies invasion plan

Moscow denies preparations for an invasion of Ukraine and accuses the government in Kiev and NATO of provocation. Putin recently demanded written security assurances from the US-Western alliance and refrained from expanding NATO eastward and establishing military bases in the former Soviet republics.

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According to the Kremlin, Putin provided “detailed information” about these demands in his first telephone conversation with the new president. He demanded “serious negotiations” on the security guarantees he asked for. As the Kremlin and the Elysee Palace announced, Putin spoke by phone with French President Emmanuel Macron about his demands.

Ukraine conflict: Putin demands “serious talks” from Scholes

Scholz, on the other hand, expressed his “concern about the situation” in a telephone conversation with Putin and stressed the need for an urgent “raise” as announced by government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit.

Speaking to military officials in Moscow, Putin said he was “very concerned” about the deployment of US missiles in Poland and Romania, from which Tomahawk cruise missiles could soon be launched. “As the infrastructure approaches and the US and NATO missile systems appear in Ukraine, their access to Moscow will be reduced to seven or ten minutes,” Putin said. Time will be even shorter with hypersonic weapons.

Russia does not want “armed conflict” or “bloodshed” but wants to resolve the issue “through political and diplomatic means,” Putin promised. However, he again complained about US support for Ukraine, which includes military training and more than $ 2.5 billion. He warned that this was happening “at our doorstep.”

Putin complains about US support for Ukraine

The West fears that Putin could launch a large-scale offensive under the pretext of provoking Ukraine. On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu accused Washington of bringing 120 “US mercenaries” to two cities in eastern Ukraine with “unknown chemicals.”

In eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian militants and the Ukrainian military have been fighting each other since Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea in 2014. During the conflict, Moscow backed so-called separatists in the People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk. In total, more than 13,000 people have already been killed in the fighting.

In this context, President Olaf Scholes and Putin also discussed the status of the implementation of the Minsk Accords, which are needed to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine peacefully. A government spokesman in Berlin announced that the Chancellor had reiterated the need for talks in the Normandy format. In a four-way format, Germany and France are working together to find a solution between Russia and Ukraine. (ktho / afp)

Rubriklistenbild: © dpa / Ukrainian Board Guard Press Off