January 28, 2023

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Ukraine fears Putin’s invasion – Brave Marta (45) rehearses for emergency – Politics Abroad

Fear of Great War in Ukraine!

A Russian offensive is still approaching – the public is already preparing for a possible Putin invasion.

Marta Yuskiv (45) is one such citizen. In normal life, she works in a big company and comes here on Saturdays for many months. He fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin, 69, could intensify his attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

This is what Martha looks like in everyday civilian lifePhoto: Private

They crawl in the sand, throw into the bushes, and listen to commands. BILD was there and visited a military training ground on the outskirts of Kiev, where a civil defense unit is training for emergencies!

“When the time comes, I have decided that I have to be ready,” he says. “I want to protect my country, my language, my family, my home.” He adds: “Everything sacred to me: my history, my language – really my life, my ordinary life.” “Regional Security”). . Prior to that he volunteered for the Army.

More than 100,000 Russian troops stand on the border ready to invade Ukraine. People there are surprised by the failure of last week’s talks between the US and Russia:

Will Putin attack soon?

“The truth is on our side,” Marta saysPhoto: Evgeni Maloletka

“No one really knows,” Marta believes. “But now all indications are that he is more likely to attack and that he will attack the whole of Ukraine.” Marta: “I hope he will pay a very high price for this decision.”

Will Ukraine have a chance against the Russian invasion? After all, Putin’s army is on the rise. Martha: “Yes, but we are defending our country. Many people will join or support our army.

And, he adds: “Even if it’s pathetic: the truth is on our side.”

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