January 28, 2023

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Ukraine “fights for us”: Hebek: SPD wants to cut off arms supplies

Ukraine “fights for us”
Hebek: SPD wants to stop arms supply

The question of the size and type of arms supply to Ukraine split the traffic light. While the FDP and the Greens support sending heavy military equipment, the SPD is reluctant. Green Vice Chancellor Hebek now accuses the Chancellor of wanting to deny the party outright.

Robert Hebek, Union Economic Minister and Deputy Chancellor, urges Ukraine to increase arms supplies. “More weapons have to come,” Green politician Funke told the media group’s newspapers. “Ukraine cannot be left alone in the war. They are fighting for us too. Ukraine must not be defeated and Putin must not win.” Germany has a duty to support the people who are fighting in Ukraine with courage and willingness to make sacrifices.

“At the same time, we have a responsibility not to target ourselves. That is the framework for delivering everything possible.” So far, large tanks and fighter jets have not been included in this structure. “Of course, to wage war brutally is to increase the quantity and quality of the arms supply.” This needs to be discussed with European partners and NATO partners. No one can seriously assess whether Putin will adhere to this framework.

“Therefore, only according to our knowledge and belief – can we act in accordance with reality. It is our responsibility.” According to the report, the Chancellor wants the SPD not to supply more weapons. When asked if his ministry would approve the export of Leopard 1 battle tanks to Ukraine from the armed group Rheinmetall, Habeck said the tanks were not currently ready for use. Their processing takes several months. For short-term support, you must withdraw shares of other forces. “It will only be discussed in the European Union and the NATO alliance.”

Hofreiter: “The problem is in the Chancellery”

The Greens split from the past Criticism of his Member of Parliament Anton Hofreiter Chancellor Olaf Scholes resigned. The head of the European Commission has accused the SPD politician Scholes of not leading the crisis in Ukraine. That is not the case with Bündnis90 / Die Grünen, “said Omid Nouripur, party leader in Berlin. The Alliance is very close in facing the current challenges.

Hebeck also rejected Hoffritt’s criticism of the Chancellor’s House. On the sidelines of an election campaign event in Kiel, Hebek said he did not explicitly agree with Habreiter. “A government works together. In times like these, it is important that Germany does not allow itself to be divided.” In this sense, he sees Hoffrieder’s claim as wrong.

Hofreiter had previously called for Scholes to move during the Ukraine crisis. “The problem is in the Chancellery,” he told RTL Direct on Wednesday evening. “Now we must finally begin to supply Ukraine with what it needs, including heavy weapons.” Germany must also stop blocking energy bans, especially for oil and coal. Hofreiter called for more leadership from Scholz in several interviews. Hofreiter recently traveled to Ukraine with two politicians from the Transport Lighting Alliance and spoke with members of the Ukrainian parliament in Lviv.

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