December 1, 2022

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Ukraine News ++ Zelenskyi: “We will not give up an inch of our country” ++

DAccording to President Volodymyr Zelenskyj, the situation on the war fronts in Ukraine is difficult. There is currently less news from war zones, Selenskyj said in his daily video address on Tuesday evening. “But that doesn’t mean the intensity of the fight has lessened.”

“Fierce battles for positions are still going on in some areas,” Zelensky said. “And as before, it is very difficult in the Donetsk region.” Nothing has changed in the order given to Russian troops to advance to the borders of the administrative region. But: “We have not left a single centimeter of our country there.”

Intensive work is being done to restore normal life in the liberated areas away from the war zones. This applies above all to the restoration of gas and electricity supply, for example in the Kharkiv region. And to help people through the coming winter, the government has exempted imports of energy supply equipment — generators or transformers — from import duties.

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Russia wants to take advantage of the coming winter. “We clearly understand: turning winter into a weapon is the plan of a terrorist state against our state and all of Europe,” Zelensky said. “But we are doing everything we can to ensure that this Russian plan, like the various previous plans, fails.”

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All Improvements in Live Ticker:

7:58 am – Tass – Putin confidant Patrushev consults in Iran

Nikolai Patrushev, a close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, visited Iran to discuss security issues, Russian news agency TASS reported. As Secretary of the National Security Council, Patrushev wields great influence.

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Doss cited a statement by the Russian Security Council that it would hold planned consultations in Tehran, attended by experts from the Security Council and ministries of both countries. The visit comes amid accusations by Ukraine and the West that the Russian military is using so-called Iranian kamikaze drones in Ukraine. Over the weekend, Iran admitted for the first time that it had supplied drones to Russia, albeit on a smaller scale and months before the war. Russia denies using such drones.

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Advice to the US Senate, China and the EU: Jeremy Rifkin (77)

4:00am – Ireland calls on Ukraine to join the EU soon

Ireland spoke in favor of Ukraine’s speedy accession to the EU. “What inspires many Ukrainians is the dream of a different future,” Irish Foreign and Defense Minister Simon Coveney said in Dublin. “The future we enjoy in the EU today is based on peace, stability, prosperity, democracy and all that comes from it.”

“But above all, a country currently fighting for its survival against a military superpower should be a full EU member, not some kind of partial membership or neighborhood agreement,” the minister added. Apart from Ukraine, other countries such as the Balkan states or the former Soviet republics of Moldova and Georgia should also benefit from the enlargement. “We have long delayed the process of allowing some Balkan countries.” Of course, there are mandatory standards that admission candidates must comply with. “But we should celebrate progress when it happens.”

Coveney stressed that Ireland was one of the EU countries calling for tougher sanctions against Russia. A Russian war of aggression is a flagrant violation of international law. The aggression is so serious in Europe that Ireland wants to see the strongest sanctions response possible, even at great cost to the country. Ireland has contributed €66 million to EU military aid so far. That’s the same percentage as Germany, Covini said.

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1:43 am – The US has pledged support for Ukraine’s reconstruction

In a meeting with Ukraine’s Economy Minister Yulia Svyridenko, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo pledged continued strong support to Ukraine. This includes efforts by the US government and the private sector to rebuild Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, the US Commerce Department said. Talks were held with representatives from the US Department of Commerce, the US Department of Transportation and the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure about plans for an infrastructure task force. According to the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, Svyridenko will meet with the US trade representative Catherine the Great on Wednesday.

21:58 – Ukrainian Ambassador still hopes for faster tank deliveries

New Ukrainian Ambassador Oleksii Makeiev is counting on a quick delivery of armored personnel carriers and battle tanks. “I am fully confident that this will happen because we have to win this war,” he told RTL television. Germany can play a leading role here: “We are still in a credible dialogue. We hope that a coalition of willing, Western powers will contribute to this.” He expects a quick decision: “Today or tomorrow is better, but not the day after tomorrow.” Ukraine needs war equipment to retake the region. Victory in battle. He previously told Funke Mediengruppe newspapers: “We have reason to believe that a decision will be made to deliver Leopard 2 directly from Germany to Ukraine.”

8:32pm – Oscar for President Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, former film actor and current Ukrainian president, received an Oscar on Tuesday. Hollywood star Sean Penn presented him with the trophy, the news service of the Office of the President reported. The little gilded man was at the disposal of the American actor and should now serve as a “symbol of hope for victory” for Ukraine. The Hollywood star, who cares for war refugees, was awarded the Order of Merit by Zelensky for helping Ukraine.

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