September 24, 2022

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Ukraine Policy: Poland describes Scholes phone calls with Putin as “completely meaningless”

Panorama Policy of Ukraine

Poland describes Scholes’ phone calls with Putin as “completely meaningless”

“There are high expectations in Kiev that Germany will assume a leading role.”

“Everything must be done so that Germany does not become a party to the war,” says Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk. He considers the fear that arms supplies could contribute to this to be “exaggerated.” In Kiev, they expect the federal republic to assume a leadership role.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister sharply criticized Germany’s position on the Ukraine war in “Maischberger”. President Sholes gives Putin “new credibility”. SPD leader Lars Klingbeil sought to counter Warsaw’s criticism on the show.

BOlan’s Deputy Foreign Minister complained to “Myshberger” that the Germans were not sincere in supplying arms to Ukraine. SPD leader Lars Klingbeil supported Olaf Scholz and Ranga Yogeshwar sought diplomatic patronage with Putin.

During their program, three journalists, Ranga Yogeshwar, Hannah Bethke and John Fleischour, also discussed the question of whether Russia should respond to the war of aggression with diplomacy or military force. Zoonoses researcher and WHO expert Fabian Leanderts provided insights into the spread of the monkey box virus.

Evaluator Ranga Yogeshwar’s open letter to Olaf Scholes is intended to help initiate a discussion on military types, but we are also looking at ways in which this war can be overcome.

Discussion (left to right): John Fleischour, Hannah Bedke, Ranga Yogeshwar, Sandra Myshberger

Source: ARD / WDR / Thomas Kierok

Jan Fleischhauer contradicts: “The basic premise of diplomatic efforts is that there is residual confidence that the person I am negotiating with is somehow bound by the word he gives me – that is not what Vladimir Putin did.”

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According to Yogeshwar, resolving the conflict was not initially a matter of diplomacy. It’s about forms that “reflect the interests of one and the other and bring them to the table.”

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President Olaf Scholes (SPD), pioneer Angela Merkel (CDU)

Journalist Hannah Bedke asked: “But if in the end there is no negotiation, then what?” Fleischour described Yogeshwar’s position as “immoral” because he accepts “the right of the strong” – in this case Russia.

“Warning against increase is not immoral.” Betke interrupted. He unilaterally described Fleischhauer’s understanding of morality – and criticized the letter for confusing the cause and effect of the war.

Participated in the speech “Maischberger”: Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk

Source: ARD / WDR / Thomas Kierok


Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, who was in the studio, sharply criticized phone calls with Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron to Russian President Putin. “We think it’s completely meaningless,” Szynkowski vel Sek said. Instead of going to Kyiv, Scholz calls the leader of the Kremlin “usual” – but it is of no use to Ukraine. On the contrary, it helps Russia. These talks bring nothing but Putin’s new credibility.

At the end of February, the Russian army attacked the neighboring country, after which Scholes repeatedly called on Putin. Radio silence reigned for six weeks when the massacre in the suburbs of Pucha became known just days after a phone call in late March. Scholz and Macron last spoke to Putin on Saturday, calling for an end to the war.

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Land Forces

Regarding arms supplies, Shinkovsky Vale Czech demanded that Germany “finally do more” for Ukraine, addressing both direct arms supply and ring transfer procedures. “We need concrete action, not just words and announcements.” None of the promises made by the German side have been fulfilled.

The Deputy Foreign Minister a few days ago repeated the allegations of Polish President Andrzej Duda that Poland had not received the replacement tanks provided to Ukraine. The federal government responded angrily to Poland’s allegations.

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SPD leader Lars Klingbeil later spoke with Sandra Maischberger in the studio, noting the differences between the SPD and the Polish ruling party’s law and justice (PiS) in view of the Polish deputy foreign minister’s statement. “It looks like the party-political profile that takes place there,” Klingbeel said.

Which weapons are supplied is checked every day – but everything has to be agreed upon and coordinated with various companies and countries. “None of the Germans went there alone.”

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Oil embargo against Russia

In addition to arms supplies, sanctions and political pressure against Russia are even more important, and Putin’s actions must be reported every day to show how isolated he and his country are.

Klingbeal stressed the need for help to free up low-income people or travelers in view of rising prices. Journalist Bethke was harshly critical of both the 9 euro ticket and the tank discount. Criticized that there is no difference. Nor can the debt ban for the coming year be complied with. Tuesday already 33.

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