January 28, 2023

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Ukraine rejects call: War memorial in Berlin causes a scandal

Ukraine rejects invitation
The war memorial in Berlin is causing a scandal

The Ambassador of Ukraine has been invited to commemorate the Nazi German attack on the Soviet Union at the German-Russian Museum in Berlin. But he criticizes the venue as a “disgrace” to his country and declares he is ignoring the event.

Ukrainian Ambassador Andrzej Melnik is ignoring the 80th anniversary of the attack on the Soviet Union with Union President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as it is taking place at the German-Russian Museum in Berlin-Karlshire. The ambassador wrote in a letter to the director of the museum, George Morey, that it was “an insult to the Ukrainians, and at the same time very sad and dissatisfying.”

Permanent exhibition at the Museum The Ambassador criticizes the fact that the museum is dedicated to the annihilation of Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union (USSR), that the museum still bears only Russia in its name, and not other Soviet republics such as Ukraine and Belarus. Had to complain. “In this way, the Soviet Union is truly on par with Russia, which is a turning point in history and should be vehemently rejected,” Melnik writes. “Especially for future German-Ukrainian reconciliation, this deliberate redefinition of history is too dangerous to find a broader political and social response in the Federal Republic.”

The new exhibition has opened

The German-Russian Museum is located in Berlin-Karlschorst, where the generals of Vermaech signed an unconditional surrender to representatives of the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain and France. May 8 to 9, 1945. This marked the end of World War II in Europe.

June 22 marks the 80th anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. On this occasion, the museum opens this Friday with the exhibition “Dimensions of a Crime. Prisoners of Soviet War in World War II”. Steinmeier wants to deliver a keynote address at the anniversary.

The Bundestag has already honored the anniversary with a debate last week. Historians estimate that the number of victims of World War II in the territory of the former Soviet Union was about 27 million. As a percentage of its total population, Ukraine had the second highest population loss after Belarus. According to Ukrainian data, between 8 and 10 million former inhabitants of what is now the Ukrainian national territory perished between 1939 and 1945.

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