February 1, 2023

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Ukraine: “This moment is far more dangerous than most Americans realize”

Neighboring countries Conflict in Ukraine

“This moment is far more dangerous than most Americans realize.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (left) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Stockholm on Thursday US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (left) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Stockholm on Thursday

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (left) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Stockholm on Thursday


More than 100,000 Russian soldiers are ready on the border with Ukraine, and there are fears that history will repeat itself in Kiev. How will the West respond to the Russian invasion? NATO is only partially prepared to defend itself, and now Russia is putting pressure on the United States.

V.Robert Menendez, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, spoke on the “direct Russian invasion”. He called on the European Union and NATO to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia with weapons. “Ukraine must be given the opportunity to defend itself,” Menendez said.

It has since Russia annexed Crimea and Moscow has destabilized eastern Ukraine with pro-Russian separatists. Seven years later, Russian soldiers marched on the border with Ukraine. Ukraine talks about 115,000 soldiers. Russia accuses Ukraine of stationing more than 120,000 troops in pro-Russian separatist regions.

Is history repeating itself? Did the Russian president dare to take the final step? Is Vladimir Putin ready to invade Ukraine?

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A satellite image taken from November 1 shows tanks, armored vehicles and troops near the town of Yelnia in the Smolensk Oblast in western Russia.

The Kremlin’s Western alliance was somewhat on the defensive. Germany is waiting for a new government, and France is facing a presidential election.

However, above all, there is a reluctance to foreign policy in the United States, and interventions on both sides are receding. Senator Menendez is still chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. So far, he has not called for arms supplies to Ukraine.

Pita cannot be humiliated

Politically affected President Joe Biden is under intense pressure. Pita cannot bear to be insulted by Pita. Even his own people put pressure on Biden. In the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mendes will fight for full-scale sanctions, for example against top government officials and the North Stream 2 pipeline, with a heavy heart, as Biden actually gave the green light to the project in the summer.

The US president is suffering from a poor turnout. The 2022 midterm elections could be catastrophic for his party, ending his presidency. Despite Donald Trump embracing Putin, Republicans accuse him of being too lenient when dealing with Putin. Biden’s critics are now asking what brought the summit between Biden and Putin in June.

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WELT writer Hans Stein writes that Trump's hatred may be enough to hold on to power against the will of the majority in 2024.

Now there should be another meeting between Fiden and Putin or at least Moscow proposes it. If, when, in what form? Not clear. Biden is in a dilemma. On the one hand, he wants to support Ukraine as much as possible and limit Russia’s aggressive ambitions. Ukraine, on the other hand, is not a NATO member state, so it does not fall under the category of assistance under Section 5.

Foreign policy realist Biden knows that the majority and conditions for NATO members in the medium term are not in sight. On the other hand, it is not Russia that decides Ukraine’s membership in NATO, but rather: he must make it clear to Putin that Ukraine and NATO.

Meanwhile, many Americans believe that the United States has no business outside its borders. Foreign policy hawks have no influence. Frustrated poses Conservative “Wall Street Journal” In view of the conflict on the Ukrainian-Russian border: “This moment is far more dangerous than most Americans realize.”

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Jack Schuster

Comment West in dire straits

Russia’s current request to the United States to enter into negotiations on Ukraine is putting pressure on Washington. “Our American colleagues never once said they wanted to help,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a meeting with his US counterpart Anthony Bling in Stockholm on Thursday.

The United States largely relinquished operational responsibility for Ukraine to Berlin and Paris. In the form of Normandy, only France and Germany have so far mediated between Ukraine and Russia.

Lavrov called on NATO again on Thursday to end NATO’s eastward expansion. Old Fox Lavrov knows that this kind of Ukrainian member is currently among the political stars. In 2014, Robert Menendez refused to send US and NATO troops to Ukraine.

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