January 30, 2023

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Ukraine war in live ticker: Recruited prison inmates escape from Wagner group center

Updated on 01/01/2023 10:11 am

  • 10:11 a.m.: ➤ Recruited prison inmates flee Wagner group center
  • 9:01 am: Klitschko demands Germany to supply Leopard 2 tanks

More news on the war in Ukraine

➤ Recruited prison inmates escape from Wagner Group Center

Six armed Wagner group mercenaries recruited from Russian prisons escaped from the Wagner training center in the Sorokine district of Luhansk region on December 30. It is called “Institute for the Study of War” (ISW).. A Russian source warned residents of the Rostov region to be vigilant and to “pay special attention to those in military camouflage uniforms.”

Wagner Group financier Yevgeny Prigozhin tried to downplay the story, saying the situation was under control by December 31, ISW reported.

Prigozhin said that the Russian National Guard (Roskvartia), the police and the Wagner Security Service have extensive experience in arresting various types of armed individuals. They “worked to arrest a lot of scoundrels [russische Bürger] Starting from the front lines of Luhansk region, Donetsk region and Russian borders, there is no need to know anything. (rice)



The situation at a glance:

Leading from February 24, 2022 Russia An aggressive war from the air and the ground Ukraine. Shortly before that, President Vladimir Putin Ukraine’s right to be an independent state is in doubt And this Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine are called People’s Republics.

Since then, the Ukrainian army has been fighting the invaders as best they can. Thousands are said to have died on both sides, but the exact number of soldiers and civilians has not been independently verified. The truth is: the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is getting worse every day.

Russia’s Attack on Ukraine: Year-In-Line History”

© dpa Infographic GmbH

Refugee Agency UNHCR has now registered more than 16.5 million border crossings from Ukraine (Until December 20). As men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the country, the refugees are mainly women and children. According to UNHCR, more than 8.7 million border crossings into Ukraine were recorded during this period (Until December 20).

The European Union and the United States faced economic sanctions. Besides, they also supply weapons to Ukraine Germany Supporting the country with arms supplies. Also class tanks Cheetah received Ukraine from Germany. (dpa)


Other reports on the war in Ukraine since December 30

Klitschko demands Germany to deliver 2 tanks of Leopard

Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, Germany has demanded delivery of 2 Panther tanks to Ukraine. “It depends on Germany that the Leopard 2 tanks will finally be delivered. Without this type of tank it will be difficult to recapture large areas in Ukraine,” Klitschko writes in a guest article on “Bild am Sonntag”.

The politician also expects a new offensive in Kiev. Russia is amassing more forces, with up to 300,000 troops to deal with another attack on Ukraine. “Kiev was a goal, and Kiev remains a goal,” Klitschko writes.

The Russian military’s aim was to bring Ukraine “a dark Christmas, a dark New Year, a dark future,” Klitschko continues. “But, as always, they’ve miscalculated in this war! We’re strong, thanks to Germany: the German Iris-T missile defense system does nothing to ensure our civilian infrastructure isn’t completely destroyed, but we can. It needs to be updated again and again.” (dpa)


With material from DPA, Reuters and AFP

Tickers to read in the last few days:

Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin

There is yet another change in Russia’s Western Forces Group. According to British reports, Yevgeny Nikiforov will be the new commander – he will be the fourth commander since the start of the war.

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