February 3, 2023

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Ukraine war on live ticker: +++ 04:10 Insider: CIA director holds secret meeting in Kiev +++

Ukraine war in live ticker
+++ 04:10 INSIDE: CIA director holds secret meeting in Kyiv +++

CIA Director William Burns exchanged views with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy during a secret meeting in Kyiv. Burns met with Ukrainian intelligence officials and the president to reaffirm continued U.S. support for Ukraine and defense against Russian aggression, an insider told Reuters on condition of anonymity. According to the American newspaper “The Washington Post”, the visit reportedly took place last weekend. Among other things, he briefed CIA Director Zelensky on his expectations of Russia’s upcoming military plans.

+++ 02:42 Melnyk: Germany must create a “powerful tank alliance” +++
According to Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk, Ukraine hopes Ramstein’s gathering of supporters in Rhineland-Palatinate will secure massive additional military aid from Germany, including “Leopard 2” battle tanks. “Ukrainians expect real progress in the provision of the most modern weapons systems from the Ramstein summit,” a former Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin told Germany’s Editorial Network. “The biggest demand from the traffic light government for the Ramstein meeting is that Germany not only end its strange deterrence stance on ‘Leopard’ tanks, but also show real leadership and build a powerful tank alliance for Ukraine.”

+++ 01:45 Russian secret service arrests Americans on suspicion of spying +++
Russia is investigating a US citizen suspected of spying. This was reported by the FSB secret service. The suspect’s name or details will not be released. “The American is suspected of collecting classified information on biological topics,” the FSB explains. This poses a threat to the security of the Russian Federation. The US State Department has confirmed it is aware of unconfirmed reports that Russia has opened a criminal case against a US citizen on suspicion of espionage. The matter will be taken care of. Several US citizens have been imprisoned in Russia in recent years. Some of them were transferred to Russian prisoners in American prisons.

+++ 00:37 USA announces more arms supply +++
US announces $2.5 billion in arms sales to Ukraine The latest aid package does not include main battle tanks, but includes an additional 59 Bradley tanks, 90 Stryker armored vehicles, Avenger air defense systems and ammunition, according to the US Department of Defense. Washington already announced the first delivery of 50 Bradley tanks last week. With other Bradleys and Stryker vehicles just announced, two complete squadrons could be equipped, the Pentagon explains.

+++ 23:09 Former Prime Minister: Bulgarian weapons went to Ukraine +++
Arms from Bulgaria reached the Russian-attacked country through intermediaries long before the first official military aid package for Ukraine from the government in Sofia. According to the report of “Weld”, the exports did not go from government to government, but through intermediary companies in Bulgaria and abroad. Former Prime Minister Kirill Petkov confirms that “partners” from Poland, Romania, the United States and Britain “purchased weapons from Bulgarian industry,” Bulgarian media reports. “Yes, some of these weapons went to the Ukrainian army,” Petkov continues.

+++ 22:17 Lithuania: “some countries” will supply Panther tanks to Ukraine +++
Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvidas Anusaskas believes that many of Ukraine’s allies will supply the country with Leopard tanks. Anousauskas told AFP that “some countries” have decided to supply Kiev with German-made battle tanks. “Further information will follow tomorrow at the Ramstein meeting,” he added. At a US air base in Rhineland-Palatinate, the so-called Ukraine Liaison Committee was discussing further military aid to the Ukrainian armed forces on Friday.

+++ 22:03 Moscow: Inflation may drop below four percent in spring +++
According to the Central Bank’s estimates, inflation in Russia will temporarily fall below four percent in the spring. The central bank therefore announced that price acceleration would be below the monetary authorities’ target in the short term. The central bank predicts that average inflation will ease to five to seven percent in 2023 from 11.9 percent last year. In Russia, the Rosstat Statistics Office recorded a slight slowdown in the pace of inflation. In the week of January 10-16, prices rose 0.15 percent compared to 0.24 percent in the first nine days of the year.

+++ 21:31 Pentagon: Delivery from Abrams doesn’t make sense right now +++
According to the US Department of Defense, delivery of US Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine makes no sense at this time. “It doesn’t make sense to give the equipment to the Ukrainians right now,” Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters in Washington. “The Abrams main battle tank requires different fuel than the Panther 2 or Challenger 2, for example, and is more complicated to maintain. Germany makes a “sovereign decision” about what weapons to supply to Ukraine.” , Singh said.On Friday, the US-led coalition is due to discuss supplying Ukraine with new weapons in Ramstein, Rhineland-Palatinate.

+++ 21:16 Pistorius: “Leopard” delivery does not depend on the American tank decision +++
According to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, the delivery of German “Leopard” tanks to Ukraine does not depend on the simultaneous delivery of American battle tanks to the country. “I was not aware of such a connection,” says the SPD politician at ARD. Asked whether Germany would supply main battle tanks without US intervention, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he was discussing the matter with US President Joe Biden. “I’m sure we’ll make a decision on that in the next few days.” When asked whether Germany would allow other countries to transfer Leopard tanks, he said it would be clear in the next few hours or Friday morning. “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and “Wall Street Journal” reported yesterday Germany’s decision depends on whether the US also supplies its own battle tanks.

+++ 20:43 The escaped Russians have been stuck at the airport for months +++
As Moscow mobilizes for war in Ukraine, five Russians flee to nearby South Korea. But they are not granted asylum there, not allowed to enter the country – and wait at the airport for months. Their credit cards don’t work and even a coffee becomes a luxury.

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