February 3, 2023

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Ukraine war on live ticker: Amnesty: Russia uses banned ammunition against civilians

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Updated on 06/13/2022 at 07:30

  • 06:45: ➤ Russia uses banned ammunition against civilians
  • 06:05 am: Ambassador to Ukraine Scholz called for tanks

Update the live ticker of the war in Ukraine here

Amnesty International gathers evidence of Russian cluster bombings in Kharkiv

Human rights group Amnesty International has accused Russian armed forces of committing numerous war crimes in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. According to Amnesty International on Monday, there was evidence that Russian troops had used cluster munitions and cluster munitions in at least seven attacks on the country’s second-largest city. These weapons are banned by international treaties.

Amnesty International has investigated a total of 41 attacks in which at least 62 people were killed and at least 196 wounded. Members of the organization spoke to 160 people, including survivors of the attacks in Kharkiv in April and May, the families of the victims and witnesses. Cluster munitions release dozens of small explosives into the air, which spread over hundreds of square meters, blindly killing and injuring people.

“People are being killed in their homes, on the streets, in playgrounds and in cemeteries while waiting in line to receive humanitarian aid or buy food and medicine,” said Amnesty researcher Donadella Rovera. “The repeated use of widely banned cluster munitions shows shocking and neglect of public life.”

Russia Cluster did not sign an agreement on ammunition or an agreement on anti-trafficking mines. However, Amnesty International insists that international humanitarian law prohibits the use of firearms, which by their very nature kills people indiscriminately. Those who use them anyway are committing war crimes. And the Ukraine No contracts were signed. (afp)

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Situation at a glance:

Since February 24, Russia has been waging a war of aggression against Ukraine in the air and on the ground. Shortly before that the President Vladimir Putin The The right of Ukraine to remain an independent country is in doubt And this The Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine are called.

Since then, the Ukrainian military has been fighting the invaders as best they can. Thousands are said to have died on both sides, but the exact number of soldiers and civilians has not been independently verified. The truth is: the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is getting worse every day. As stated in it Currently 7 million people have fled Ukraine (Until June 9), especially women and children, men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the country.

The European Union and the United States have faced sanctions. Besides, they also supply arms to Ukraine Germany Supports the country with arms supplies. More class tanks Cheetah is to get Ukraine from Germany. That the NATO Serious intervention in the war has so far been rejected.

The first weekend in April, pictures The bodies of several civilians in the small town of Pucha near Kiev caused international panic. Ukraine talks about serious war crimes and genocide and blames Russian troops for it. Despite numerous references, Moscow denies involvement in the deaths of civilians. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has insisted that talks with Russia continue. The long-awaited one has been running since April 18th Russia’s major offensive in eastern Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: current war operations and troop movements. (Warning: This chart will be updated regularly)

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Other reports from June 12:

Hackers bring criticism of the Ukraine war to Russian television websites

Unknown hackers posted a message on Russian state television websites against the war in Ukraine. On the streaming portal “Smotrim.ru”, following the photos of the devastation in Ukraine on Sunday evening, a large number of Internet users on the web said, “Putin is destroying the Russians and Ukrainians! Stop the war!”

Russian state television later acknowledged the hacker’s attack on the website “Smotrim” and the news program “Vesti”. As a result, “unauthorized content with terrorist calls” was displayed for less than an hour.

In Russia, the war of aggression in Ukraine is officially called a military special operation. Deviation from the official position is punishable for spreading false information about the Russian Armed Forces.

On Monday night, the “Smotrim” website again showed links to campaign materials, for example the “liberation” of the eastern Ukrainian industrial area of ​​Donbass and the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin was awarded the “Hero of Labor” award. (dpa)


Union: Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia need opportunities to join the European Union

Ukraine, Moldova and the Union faction in Puntestock want an immediate EU access perspective. Georgia. The Central government All three countries must ensure that they are already in the Council of Europe on 23./24. According to the application submitted to the German Press Agency (DPA) in Berlin, the status of the EU candidate will be given on June 1.

“It is in our best interests to provide a route to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia European union Should open, “said Gunder Krisbham, a European policy spokesman for the DPA parliamentary group.

The Union seeks to invite the federal government to work within the framework of the recruitment process to ensure that new opportunities for participation in joint projects, such as common foreign, security and security policy, are opened up to full members. This also applies to areas of research, energy, transportation and climate protection.

“Since the process leading up to membership is often lengthy, we call for the development of a new model that will help candidates closely connect with the EU before full membership,” Crispham explained.

Patricia Lips, deputy chairwoman of the parliamentary committee in charge of Europe, accused the federal government of being reluctant on the issue and further isolating Germany from its international partners. (dpa)


Ambassador to Ukraine: Scholes must promise tanks when going to Kiev

Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk is waiting for the chancellor Olaf ScholesDuring his visit to Kiev he promised to supply German tanks to Ukraine. “Unfortunately, without German heavy weapons, we would not be able to break Russia’s massive military supremacy and save the lives of soldiers and civilians,” Melnik told the German Press.

“Ukrainians expect President Olaf Schaals to speak during his visit Kiev Announces new aid package for German weapons, which must immediately include Leopard 1 main battle tanks and mortar armored personnel carriers. “

According to media reports, Scholes is scheduled to visit Kiev this month with French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Tragi. Officially, attendance has not been confirmed or denied.

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High-ranking Bundeswehr General Martin Schelleis has warned of serious military threats to Germany. “We are severely threatened and attacked,” the lieutenant general said. “Basically, we already have a war: war in the information space, cyber attacks.”

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