September 25, 2022

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Ukraine War: Putin Secretly Flees Kherson Governor to Russia Politics

Secret Escape from Cherson |

Telltale video hack exposes Russian governor

Kirill Stremousow was absolutely certain of his cause – even though he was 800 kilometers from the scene of the fiercest fighting…

In a video speech, the Russian-appointed governor of the Ukrainian region of Cherson proudly boasted about the successes of the Russian army: Ukraine’s offensive had failed, and Cherson would not fall into Ukrainian hands again. Stremosov cheered: “Russia is always in Kherson. The attack on Kherson is futile.” But how does he really know that? At least not close!

Stremousov, in the sense of Russian propaganda, actually makes statements intended to demoralize the enemy and provoke their own troops – but instead the governor receives scorn and derision. Because of the infidelity video background.

Putin’s puppet Stremosov has returned to his home country

Photo: Twitter

Because instead of a neutral background, Stremous simply stood in the window of a tall building. Buildings of relative importance are clearly visible in the background – but above all, there is nothing to see the devastation of war in southern Ukraine.

What! Is Stremosov not in a war zone? Yes, Ukrainian activists immediately revealed! Judging by the surroundings, he even fled to his homeland, the big city of Voronezh.

And it’s even better: While he wanted to inspire Russian troops with his speech, Stremoussov was cozying up in a luxury hotel: users on social media revealed that a hotel in the Marriott chain Target was superior. Other video screenshots show a hotel room in the background – furnished like Marriott hotels.

To be clear: Stremosov got too hot in the hotly contested Cherson region – he ran away! Perhaps because Russian officials are now under attack.

For example, it became known on Tuesday that the Ukrainian returned to Russia Member of Parliament Oleksii Kovalev was shot dead in his home. On the same day, another officer escaped an attack in Gerson.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (44) had urgently warned the Russian invaders: “We will drive you across the border. On our border, nothing has changed.” If Russian soldiers want to survive, “now is the time to go home”.

Advice that should apply to Russian officials – Kirill Stremozov Obviously accepted it.

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