February 4, 2023

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Ukraine War: Russian Soldiers Jealous of Kadyrov Militants – Do They Sleep in Hotels? | Politics

Mud, frost, little to eat – such was the daily life of many Russian soldiers. But some of the troops involved in the war against Ukraine apparently live very comfortably!

According to reports, the Islamist Chechen leader’s troops are among the soldiers who enjoy almost lavish privileges in comparison. Ramzan Kadyrov (46). He is a blood relative of Vladimir Putin (70), a Russian dictator known for his military brutality.

His fighters should be allowed to stay in hostels. Putin’s soldier’s wife reportedly told the independent Russian Telegram portal “Chota”. Her husband told the same thing to a military psychologist who asked him about his attitude toward war.

“My husband is outspoken and stupid. He has made his stand in this whole war. “Local people are anti-occupation, Kadyrovites and other elite factions live in hotels, while rank and file soldiers live in camps, in terrible conditions, without supplies and food,” said the wife.

Apparently, Kadyrov’s fighters enjoy a special status – which causes resentment among other soldiers.

In the first few weeks after the major invasion of Ukraine, BILD reporter Peter Tait visited Chechen soldiers in a four-star hotel in the Russian city of Belgorod. They walked around in slippers and sweatpants – they only crossed the border for a video shoot.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Chechens are said not to be on the front lines all the time. Instead, they stayed more in the background. Among other things, they were supposed to stop the fugitives — and shoot them if necessary, according to the Ukrainian account.

Oleg Orlov (69), an activist with Memorial, a human rights organization banned by Russia, blames the clashes between Kadyrov’s fighters and regular troops on the unequal distribution of equipment: “They are more armed than other factions.” Jealousy and hatred, turn into hatred.

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Ex-US general: Russian collapse not ruled out

The fact is that many analysts continue to see an advantage for Ukrainian troops over the Russian army in the coming winter. Young Russian leaders at the front are “very tired,” recently wrote military researcher Jack Watling of the “Royal United Service Institute” in London. Twitter.

Due to winter clothing for the players, training and low temperature, the conditions are not adequate in the fields.

Ben Hodges (64), former commander of the US Army in Europe, even believes that “the collapse of the Russian military cannot be ruled out” in winter.

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