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Why UN Human Rights Council is Failing as an Organization?

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There has been mass criticism against the United Nations Human Rights Council for staying mum over the ongoing humanitarian crisis across the globe. The matter further worsened when countries like Sudan, Libya, Mauritania, and Venezuela didn’t receive a single warning for their role in human rights violations.

And now with these countries taking a seat at the UN, it won’t be wrong to believe and assert that not only will the UN maintain its silence over the human rights violations in these countries, but also any violation will remain unchecked.

A major irony is the appointment of one of the worst human rights abuser, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro, as the latest judge to safeguard human rights around the world.

The country has lately gone through a lot of political and humanitarian crisis leaving its citizens, economy and basic amenities as one of the worst in the world. The Latin American country gained the seat with 105 votes, leading to further criticism from the activists in lieu of its heavily accounted human rights abuses to its citizens.

Following the election of Maduro at the UN Human Rights Council, Rodolfo Montes de Oca, a lawyer at a Venezuelan rights group Provea, said, “The inclusion of Venezuela and Brazil to the human rights council marks a backwards step in the advancement of human rights in the region.”

As if the blow of including Venezuela was not enough to the human rights groups and activists, that the countries like Libya, Mauritania, and Sudan, which are currently an epitome of the humanitarian crisis, were also added to the table.

The prime reason of concern over Mauritania joining the UN Human Rights Council is majorly because it houses 500,000 slaves, following its age-old inhumane custom and torturing those who try to raise their voice against such human rights violations.

Another key example of why the UN is epically failing to curb human rights violation around the globe is the addition of Sudan, which has the highest female genital mutilation rate and has also witnessed human rights abuses like flogging, amputation and stoning.

With the addition of such countries, it won’t be wrong to believe that the world is in a dire need of an effective organization that can at least select countries which haven’t been so aggressively involved in human rights abuse.

Moreover, the deafening silence of the world leaders and Veto members of the UN, on addition of such countries in the Human Rights Council is quite alarming.

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