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Uncertainty looms on the fate of Bill De Blasio as 2020 presidential election candidate

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Two time mayor of the New York City, Bill De Blasio announced himself as the 2020 Presidential Election Candidate on Thursday for the Democratic Party. With the entrance of the Blasio as Presidential candidate, the total number of Democrats in the race of the Presidential candidates has increased to 23.

In a three minute video titled, “Working People First”, Blasio began his address by saying, “There’s plenty of money in this world, there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands.” He went on cite his achievements as the mayor of the New York City.

His presidential campaign began with the appearance on ABC’s show, “Good Morning America”, along with his wife, Chirlane McCray. During the show he even provided nicknamed President Trump as “Con Don”, continuing the president’s strategy of providing offensive nicknames to others.

With Bill De Blasio in the race of Presidential candidate for 2020 elections, his declaration might increase competition for the fellow democrats which include Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the candidate from City of New York itself Kirsten Gillibrand.

While Blasio can lessen some points off Bernie Sanders to overcome the difference of receiving and not receiving delegates, he won’t be able to overcome the completion of Sen. Elizabeth Warren till the time – he announces a dozen of a thorough, sweeping and contemplative agendas and proposal. Another candidate to be adversely affected by Blasio would be Gillibrand, who has struggled to reach above 2 percent in the polls.

As Bill De Blasio made his appearance on “Good Morning America”, a group of police officers gathered to protest against his nomination voicing slogans, “Can’t run the city! Can’t run the country!” which the mayor termed as “a little serenade.”

When asked about why he is best suitable candidate for 2020 Presidential elections, he said, “Working Americans deserve better. And I know we can do it because I’ve done it here in the largest, toughest city in this country.”

Major achievements of the Bill De Blaiso as the twice elected mayor of the New York City can be stated as “pre-K for all”, minimum $15-an hour wage, expanding sick leave, health care and ending the practice of “stop-question-and-frisk” by the police. However, his fund raising tactics might become a hindering factor to achieve the desired points and delegates in the campaign. Still, it won’t be wrong to say that his achievements might outweigh his questionable fund-raising tactics.

Blasio did receive a revert of naming Trump as “Con Don” in the form of tweet by the President himself which said, “Bill De Blasio is the worst Mayor in the history of New York City – he won’t last long!”

Similarly Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York, termed Blasio to be an “unmitigated disaster” if he becomes the president.

“While the mayor of our nation’s largest city is busy running around Iowa and getting upstaged by the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, there are real problems here at home,” he added.

While the achievements of Bill De Blasio, the twice elected Mayor of New York might outweigh his fund raising tactic, still he might need to cover a whole lot of road to gain popularity in the other regions of the United States and become a prominent face in the elections.

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