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In Whose Favor Will Voters Tip the Balance of 2019 Virginia Elections?

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With few hours for the 2019 state Virginia elections to commence, there is a high probability that the elections might become historic for the state Democrats and the legislative council of the state.

With fate of both Senate House and House of Delegates resting in the hands of the 2019 state elections, the critics and pundits have begun to speculate how today’s elections will affect the presidential primaries next year.

Moreover, the state elections are also expected to indicate the fact, who is the most favorite amongst the voters?

Are the voters inclined towards the Democrats in the 2019 state Virginia elections who have used everything from gun control ads to celebrity power? Will there be a shift of voters towards the Democrats, who have voiced concerns against policies like support to gun policies and abortion policies?

Will the result of the state elections be exactly like the polls speculated, in favor of the state Democratic Party and the Democratic Gov., who have worked towards making the state an inspiration in production of the cleaner energy?

Or would the voters consider the fact that Virginia now lists in top three safest states in terms of crime happenings across the entire country, despite the spine-chilling mass shooting at the Virginia Beach.

Additionally, would the controversies surrounding Gov. Northam and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax at the starting of the year, play a vital role in shifting the voters to support the GOP government once again?

Even though the 2019 Virginia elections depend upon voters’ inclination towards the entire state, the key part of the elections are dependent upon the districts in Northern Virginia, Richmond and Hampton Roads. And it is expected that the voters’ inclination in these areas can entirely shift the election towards the favor or against one party.

President Donald Trump also jumped to endorse the state Republican Party as he stated the achievement of GOP government in the state and plausibility of what might happen, if Democrats are elected, via a tweet.

Gov. Ralph Northam soon responded to the tweet mentioning the achievements the state acquired under his leadership as the governor.

Even though it is hard to comment on the inclination of the voters, there is a certainty that if Democrats gain control of state legislature, both House Senate and House of Delegates, they can approve majorly affable policies like gun control, equality to all sections of society, a better and improved minimum wage and approval of the Equal Rights Amendment.

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