December 10, 2022

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United States: Baby falls 30 meters from roller coaster – News Abroad

It was the first family holiday after Corona and they wanted to spend a great day together in an amusement park.

Wongel Estifanos (6) is now dead. He died after falling from a roller coaster and falling more than 30 meters. Apparently those in charge of the park are to blame “Washington Post”.

The tragic accident had already occurred on September 5th. That lucky Sunday, Wongal and his family visited the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado, USA.

The death roller coaster “Haunted Mine Drop” closed after the crash Photo: Chelsea Self / AB

A report that has now appeared shows how the accident happened. Accordingly, the child was one of six passengers sitting in one of the cars on the “Handed Mine Drop” roller coaster. A red warning light flashes on a computer, indicating that a passenger is not sitting properly.

The staff reportedly checked twice. But it is not explicitly recognized that the main seat belt does not wrap around Wongle’s waist. Instead, the child sat on it. So a park employee manually allowed the death ride.

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The girl slipped from the car while driving and fell over 30 meters. Her body had to be taken from a trunk.

Don Caples represents the family. The lawyer said, “It is the responsibility of the park to add passengers and check if they have done it right. No gray area. “

Explosion: This is not the first such incident at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Two years ago, an observer had to draw the attention of roller coasters that were not properly preserved. In the email he wrote to the operator: “I urge you to watch this, otherwise passengers could be seriously injured or – worse – die.”

At “” Family donation page set up. Nearly $ 78,000 (approximately ,000 67,000) has already been raised. It says: “Vongal was a beautiful, loving, and happy woman who loved Jesus Christ. She was torn from life in a tragic accident. “

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