December 10, 2022

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Up to 3600 euros: Austria imposes fines on those who refuse to be vaccinated

Up to 3600 euros
Austria imposes fines on those who refuse to be vaccinated

Austria plans to introduce compulsory vaccines in February. The media is now reporting further details of the law. Accordingly, a fine should be imposed every three months. The final warning should come in the form of a separate letter from the Minister of Health.

Austria wants to hear from those who refuse to pay every three months after the mandatory vaccination came into effect in February. This has been reported by many media in the country. Accordingly, the relevant bill pays 600 euros – every three months. The deadline should be March 15. Anyone who cannot provide proof of vaccination at this point will have to pay.

Like the media – “likeDistribution man“Or”Today“- Pregnant women, those with certain medical conditions, children under the age of 14 and those who have recovered (up to six months) are exempted from the obligation to be vaccinated. In addition, the law regulates how often people can be vaccinated in the future. The second vaccination should be given within a maximum of 42 days after vaccination.People should take the booster within a minimum of 120 and a maximum of 270 days, as they say.

According to reports, all those who have not been vaccinated will be personally requested by the Minister of Health to be vaccinated on February 15. The deadline is March 15 – the first payment date for any penalty, it says.

According to statistics, a fine of 2400 euros a year for denial alone, and a fee increase of up to 3600 euros. If the last stage or denial persists, the sentences placed in alternative custody are conceivable. This law should only be in place from the beginning to the end of January 2024.

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