January 28, 2023

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US: Congress wants to investigate Trump’s “rogue” judiciary

The “rogue nations” are what the US government has sometimes called dictatorships over the past few decades, whose governments subjugate their own people and, in Washington’s view, pose a threat to world peace.

Now the Democrat is voting Nancy Pelosi A similar formation, but not to a foreign event, is a distant dictatorship, but during the presidency Donald Trump In United States The “congressional hearing about that were exactly where the firing came from.”

It was previously reported that Trump’s judicial authorities forced Apple to release the communications data of two top Democrats. Two members of the House Investigation Team, including current chairman Adam Schiff and Eric Schwell, were among the victims. New York Times Announced. Data were also requested from their staff and family members, including a minor.

The bar and sessions are said to testify under oath

According to the newspaper, prosecutors in the judiciary approached the communications metadata of both Democrats and those around them in early 2017 and 2018.

Now the espionage operation against the Democrats is to be investigated by two bodies. In addition to the judiciary’s internal investigation, Congress is to take up the case under the microscope. Power came from Trump supporters See William Jeff sessions have been directed and repeatedly criticized for putting Trump’s personal and political interests above the law.

During Trump’s presidency, Pelosi told a television broadcaster that the ministry had “acted rudely in many ways” CNN. The ministry’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s internal investigation is important, but not an alternative to the congressional investigation, Pelosi said.

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Forcing points and sessions to be reported “under oath”. It’s hard to imagine that they both knew nothing about what was going on. Barr said he did not remember what happened.