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US in Talks with Erdogan to Resolve Middle East Conflict

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The Middle East conflict have remained a concern for the White House Officials and the US Congress as well for a long time. These conflicts have impeded the aim of progressing on the road of bring stabilization to the Middle East and as well as have strained US’ relations with several countries.

However, now as the 2020 presidential election nears, President Donald Trump has begun to work on resolving the conflicts and clear the anxiety in the hearts of the leaders of the Middle Eastern countries.

As per the details released lately, President Trump has discussed the clouding tensions in the Middle East with the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Middle East conflicts comprise of US’ strained relations with Iran and Turkey, biased support to Israel on Israeli settlements in the West Bank territory along with the five-year-long Libyan Civil war, Iranian protests, and the ongoing crisis in Syria.

While the US has released policies and took steps to curb conflicts in some of the Middle Eastern countries like Libya and Syria, it has also raised voiced and vowed to crackdown the Iranian protests, which have impacted the innocent Iranians adversely.

Unlike Libya Stabilization Act to curb the ongoing Libyan Civil War, some of the US’ policies backfired and have strained US’ relations with the Middle Eastern countries and worsened the Middle East conflicts.

The prime example of such policies is the US sanctions on Turkey and its sanctions and offensive airstrikes against Iran.

Such past instances have made many to realize that raising voice against the US or enacting any policy against the US will negatively impact them, thus worsening US relations with the Middle Eastern countries.

Such apprehensions have played a crucial role in Trump’s reducing popularity based on foreign policies, which are bound to impact his chances of re-election. Hence, Trump’s recent talks have not come as a surprise to many in the Middle East and many are viewing the efforts to address the raging conflicts across the Middle East with skepticism.

Perhaps Trump’s efforts to address the Middle East conflicts will end the apprehensions of the countries in the region and help the US to progress on the road of achieving stabilization in the region.

But until the US changes its stance of taking stern actions at first and complicating the situation further and employ diplomatic stance, the progress seems highly unlikely.

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