December 10, 2022

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US government provides security for Hong Kong residents – DER SPIEGEL

The US government wants to evict the people Hong Kong Provide protection to those who fear China’s repression and do not currently want to return to their homeland. President of the United States Joe Biden Signed an agreement on Thursday to deport and stop deporting Hong Kong residents, for example due to an expired residence permit, for 18 months, with exceptions.

Victims need to find a “temporary refuge” United States The White House announced. This shows the clear support of US President Biden’s administration for the people of Hong Kong against China’s continued repression.

The Security Act was passed in Hong Kong a year ago Anger. Peking The passage of the law after a series of struggles in the Chinese special administrative region called for more democracy. It operates vaguely against activities that are seen as degrading, separatist, terrorist or conspiratorial.

Since then it has served the authorities Massive action must be taken against the democratic movement in Hong Kong. Many members of the Hong Kong opposition have fled the country for fear of being prosecuted.

Blinken condemns mass arrests

Since July 1, 1997, the former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong has been re-owned by China and autonomously administered as a Special Administrative Region. In fact, seven million Hong Kong residents are expected to enjoy “greater autonomy” and more freedom by 2047. However, critics believe that the defense law has changed the long-standing policy of “one country, two organizations” to “one country, one organization”.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has criticized China’s defense law, which further undermines Hong Kong’s autonomy. Among other things, he condemned mass arrests and restrictions on press freedom in Hong Kong.

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