Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

US’ Favoritism and Ignorance Cannot Resolve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict has remained a major hurdle for the US in stabilizing the Middle East. While Jewish immigration and Israeli settlements in West Bank territory are responsible for the conflict, the biased inclination of the US towards Israel has also played a key role in worsening the already strained situation.

However, from the last few days, the White House officials are making superficial claims to resolve the conflict by rolling out Middle East peace plan, which will benefit both Israel and Palestine. On the contrary, the past few days have made clear that in reality, the proposed policy will benefit Israel and leave Palestine at a disadvantage, even if it agrees to the policy.

Middle East peace plan is expected to be announced today. Yet, the White House officials’ sincerity to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict speaks volumes with the absence of Palestinian officials and the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu and Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, who discussed the plan with President Donald Trump.

Moreover, some political experts have speculated that perhaps the US and Israel are looking to bring the entire West Bank territory under the latter’s control. Considering that both Israel and the US have a history of rolling out policies with hidden agenda and Palestine not being an audience to the peace plan, the speculations seem highly plausible.

Also, the previous policies against Palestine like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, ending the funding provided to the Palestinian refugees, terming the Israeli settlements legal and not endorsing the two-state policy make it highly dubious if the Middle East peace plan proposed by the US will improve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Speaking about the soon-to-be-released policy, Trump said, “So tomorrow at 12 o’clock, we’ll be announcing a plan. And it’s a very big plan, it will be a suggestion between Israel and the Palestinians, it’s the closest it’s ever come and we’ll see what happens.”

“We have the support of the prime minister, we have the support of the other parties, and we think we will ultimately have the support of the Palestinians, but we’re going to see,” he added.

On the other hand, if the rumors of favoring the US in the plan are true then the US, and Israel might face extensive protests from the Palestinians. Such protests may worsen the Israeli-Palestinian conflict further along with aggravating the aim of stabilizing the Middle East.

Favoring Israel over Palestine might also bring Jordan amidst the conflict and worsen Jordan’s relations with both Israel and the US. Is the US willing to impact its relations with Jordan at a time when it already has strained relations with several other countries in the region just to maintain peace with Israel?

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