January 28, 2023

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US reduces embassy presence in Kiev – EU foreign ministers advised

Updated on 01/24/2022 06:32

  • The Ukraine crisis still shows no signs of abating.
  • Therefore, the United States has asked family members of the ambassadors to leave Ukraine.
  • EU foreign ministers are currently deliberating on how to proceed.

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The US government is easing tensions over the conflict in Ukraine Russia Their diplomatic presence Kiev. The U.S. State Department has announced that it has approved personnel who do not need to voluntarily leave the country immediately due to the threat of Russian military action. Family members of the diplomats have been asked to leave Ukraine. According to a report in the New York Times, US President Joe Biden is considering sending several thousand US troops to NATO allies in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe. EU foreign ministers are expected to discuss the latest developments in the crisis with their US counterpart Antony Blinken on Monday.

A senior State Department official said the US embassy’s actions were a precautionary measure. When asked why the decision was made now, the ministry noted the White House’s warning last week that Russia could invade the country at any time. Ukraine can come. The departure of unwanted staff from the site is voluntary. However, family members are forced to leave the country. The move has been speculating for days.


Is US sending warships and planes to NATO allies?

President of the United States Joe Biden He had discussed the crisis with his security team in Moscow over the weekend. The “New York Times“US troops and warships and aircraft are now in the room as NATO sends them to allied countries. The US government has recently been reluctant in this regard. The newspaper has cited several unnamed officials. From the White House” there is no confirmation of such plans. That includes sending 1,000 to 5,000 troops to Eastern European countries, and that number could increase tenfold if the situation worsens. “The decision is expected this weekend.

When asked that The United States U.S. Secretary of State Blinken responded by avoiding the possibility that US troops would be sent to Ukraine in the event of an invasion on Sunday. NATO will continue to be strengthened if Russia engages in renewed occupation, he said. Biden had previously refused to send US troops to Ukraine. The United States supports Ukraine with military supplies. According to the Pentagon, less than 200 military personnel are currently detained in Ukraine from the Florida National Guard.

Blinken defends Germany

After the controversial statements of German Navy Inspector K-Achim Schnbach, who resigned Blinken was forced to defend Germany. He was asked about this in several interviews. “I can tell you that the Germans share our concerns and are determined to act quickly, efficiently and together,” Blinken said when asked. Central government Was very cautious in the crisis. The German Vice Admiral had conveyed his understanding to Russian President Vladimir Putin during his appearance in India.

President Olaf Scholz confirmed in the Süddeutsche Zeitung that “military occupation of Ukraine would cost Russia more.” When asked what it would be, he said: “In the circle of allies, we agree on what the possible actions would be.” If Russia invades Ukraine, all options are on the table – including the consequences for the North Stream 2 gas pipeline – the federal government has made clear.

At the meeting in Brussels, dealing with Russia’s demands, which are considered unacceptable, will now be an issue. Blingen is also expected to report on crisis talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Geneva. According to the Foreign Service I Plinken will join the European Ministers’ Body Meeting via video conference. Foreign Minister Annalena Ferbok is expected to attend on behalf of the federal government.


Fear of Russian invasion

Faced with a large Russian troop presence near Ukraine, the Kremlin fears in the West. Invasion of the neighboring country Can plan. However, when demands for new security guarantees are put forward, it is also possible that fears are being raised only to force NATO countries to make concessions. For example, Russia’s declared goal is to prevent NATO from expanding further east and withdrawing its armed forces from the eastern allies. NATO and the EU reject these demands as unacceptable.

The United States has also adjusted travel advice for Ukraine and Russia. Advised before traveling against both countries – high risk Type 4 still applies. As for Ukraine, the US government is now particularly alert to the growing threat posed by Russian military action – previously, with the exception of the Corona, referred to as “increasing threats from Russia”. The State Department has made it clear that there will be no evictions if Russia invades – US citizens now have to resort to commercial flights.

US Secretary of State Blingen has reiterated that Russia is trying to destabilize Ukraine to overthrow the government in Kiev. He noted that Russia was gaining political influence in Ukraine and wanted to establish a pro – Russian leadership in Kiev. Such an approach is part of the Russian “toolbox”. (dpa / ska)

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