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US Alliance to Gulf Countries in Question as US Troops Exit Syria

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Middle East is the most volatile regions simulative to ISIS activities that have already led to severe security and diplomatic hazards. The US, which has played a crucial role in elimination of the radical organization, is now on the verge of skepticism rather than appreciation that has pushed it to the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria – a major foothold of ISIS.

The withdrawal that has led to the end of US’ alliance with Kurdish fighters, who have proved themselves by standing neck to neck with the US military against ISIS, the Gulf countries have begun to suspect and question the accountability of the US in the form of allies and its role in maintaining stability and security in the Gulf region.  

One of the other major concerns, the Gulf countries and the US allies are facing is that the Iran’s regional ambitions in the Middle East will now remain unchecked, leading to further instability and crisis in the region.

Despite the withdrawal of the US troops from the northern Syrian region, it would be quite difficult for the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to ensure that the Gulf countries continue to look at the US as their key ally, especially with his impending visit to Israel to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, ahead of Pompeo’s visit to Israel, expressed the concerns of Israel and Netanyahu. He said, “The nightmare for Israel is for Iran to be the biggest winner of the vacuum we created by withdrawing from Syria.” He also added that the Israeli Prime Minister is “very concerned about not only ISIS coming back but Iran being the biggest winner of the vacuum we created”.

Also, the exit of the US troops from war-struck Syrian region has forced many to question the far-reaching consequences of the move and if the stronghold of Russia will not increase in the absence of US troops and many other questions?

Will the move not lead to instability in the region, negatively affecting the lives of those living in the region including the Kurdish fighters? Moreover, will the move not lead to the loss of US’ one of the key allies in the region and its battle till now against ISIS?

Also, if some serious thoughts are put into the decision of the current administration, it won’t be far-fetching thought that the decision was taken to ensure the re-election and to put the politics and the need of politicians first, instead of putting their fight against ISIS, hard-earned taxpayers money used as the funds in war against ISIS and sacrifice of US troops first.

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