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US Turkey Relationship: A debate Beyond Andrew Brunson’s Release

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Donald Trump is in the midst of a lot of things, from being accused of numerous charges and his aim to make America great again, the United States of America is living on the edge of uncertain tomorrow. Besides, NATO is going through a rough patch when it comes to US Turkey relationship, and especially after Donald Trump’s deliberately disruptive behavior at the alliance in July, NATO has suffered a blow.

Its two key members US and Turkey, continue to debate over Pastor, Andrew Brunson, being held over suspicious charges by Turkey, as the former demand his release.

Brunson, is being held in Turkey on suspicious charges of supporting a failed revolution against Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erodgan in 2016. However, his detention has triggered economic sanctions and increased the threats. Furthermore, escalating a fear that Turkey might punish Washington by joining hands with Moscow.

Above and beyond this debate and the bad political influence of Donald trump, there are a numerous reasons why the problem between US and Turkey are much deeper than just NATO conflicts. Can, Donald Trump be blamed for everything that is happening, the answer maybe no, but the fact is, he is not solving them either.

To begin with, breakdown in the US Turkey relationship is a good example.

Trump, has publicly condemned Turkey, and by remaining stall on his decision to not remove tariffs imposed on Turkish imports, even if Brunson is released, the President looks in no mood to solve the dispute.

The problems have only escalated since Trump took charge of his position, however the problems began even before he became the president. America’s duo with Counter-ISIS campaign, which were reliant upon Syrian Kurdish Groups that the Turkish government considers as its enemies. Likewise, Erdogan’s increasing authoritarianism and anti- Americanism, Ankara’s decision to purchase air defense from Russia over US, and the widespread speculation that US was behind the July 2016 coup attempt, has created an ocean of problems between the countries.

Problems that revolve around NATO, only expand the potential ocean to something catastrophic, and Donald Trump is only adding ‘fuel to the fire’. To be assured, here is what Donald Trump has done.

The President has injected a new level of disbelief and discord into the relationship, by showing disrespect for NATO’s founding principle. He has alleged that the US and its allies can promote the security and prosperity together. By breaking down the concept, Donald Trump has pointed out to the burden sharing crisis.

Trump may be wrong in stating that the nation’s allies are simply sucking out their wealth, and it would be awful for humanity if Europe creates a situation in which arms races and security competition become widespread. Besides, what’s interesting here is that if three of the biggest powers in the world France, Germany and UK unite to create a single brigade, Russia can be easily destabilized in case it attacks Baltic nations.

The situations is utterly chaotic and we will have to watch for any actions by either Turkey or US. With Turkey, release of Brunson might promote a wave of positivity in the US, while for the latter, removal of economic sanctions on Turkey might serve the same purpose.

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