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US-UN Security Council Meet to Aggravate Tensions in Korean Peninsula

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The human right violations in North Korea, which have been taking from the past few years and have gone unheard by the UN Security Council, have only been encouraging the country’s leader Kim Jong-un in not bringing a change in his policies that are majorly responsible for the country’s plight.

On Wednesday, North Korean ambassador to the UN asked the US to cancel its meet with the UN Security Council and refrain from discussing the situation of human rights in the country.

Ambassador Kim Song cautioned the US on Wednesday, saying that tensions on Korean Peninsula will increase and US-North Korea relations along with any possibility of negotiation on denuclearization will “take a turn for the worse again”.

While the US is contacting an international governing body like the UN Security Council for the first time, the US lawmakers and the White House officials including President Trump are continuously calling out the human rights violations in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This has even led to the criticism of Trump administration from foreign governments mainly China, leading to sanctions on several NGOs of the US and visits of several military ships and aircrafts in the region.

Earlier in late November, President Trump signed a Hong Kong bill that supported the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong and sanctioned the Chinese and Hong Kong officials, who were responsible for violating the human rights of Hong Kong protestors.

Days later, House passed a 2019 Uighur Act in an attempt to curb the gravest human rights violations being done against the Uighur Muslims, including violation of their privacy. Chinese authorities condemned the White House officials for such acts and even threatened the US of consequences.

With the US now consulting the UN Security Council for addressing the human rights violations in North Korea, China will certainly use this opportunity to reduce the power and hold of the US in the region and further boost its relations with North Korea.

Moreover, with the support of China, North Korea may voice against the sanctions imposed on North Korea for steering away from denuclearization, increasing instability in the Asia-pacific and Korean Peninsula.

North Korea’s continuous missile testing has remained a major security concern for both Japan and South Korea. Also, the strengthened North Korea-China relations might impact the possible negotiations between the US and China, leading to China withdrawing from its part of the deal in phase one of the US-China trade deal.

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