October 3, 2022

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US Unveils New Weapons Package for Ukraine

DHe wants them in America Ukraine To defend against a war of aggression by Russia with further arms supplies worth about US$400 million. The new package includes four Himars multiple rocket launchers, 1,000 high-precision 155mm artillery shells, artillery tracking radars and spare parts, a senior US Defense Department official said on Friday.

With the new US cruise missiles, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will have twelve Himars systems. A Pentagon representative denied reports by the Russian military that two copies had been destroyed. All Himars delivered to Ukraine are still in service. So far they have America According to Ukraine, it has pledged or already delivered $7.3 billion worth of weapons and equipment since the start of the war.

Selenskyj intends to address all 27 national EU parliaments

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy It intends to continue sending messages to other countries. “We are working as hard as possible on the foreign policy front every day and under all circumstances,” he said in a video message on Friday. His speech to the Slovenian parliament on Friday was the 24th address to the chamber of representatives by an EU member. Three speeches are still pending in the parliaments of the other 27 EU member states.

“I hope that the other three EU countries will realize that these appeals are not about politics, but about protecting our common liberties, so that one day we will reach a point where I can say: all 27 parliaments of Europe listen better to the struggle for freedom than any Russian manipulation,” the President stressed. .

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