October 7, 2022

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USA: Biden sends this arsenal to Ukraine – Politics Abroad

This delivery gives new influence to Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invaders.

US President Joe Biden (78) has announced more weapons and millions of military aid to Ukraine.

“We will continue to support you as you fight for your freedom, your democracy and your survival,” Biden told Ukrainians in an appearance in Washington on Wednesday. The United States will support Ukraine as needed.

US President Joe Biden, 78, has announced arms aidPhoto: Patrick Semansky / AB

In total, the White House is making the equivalent of 730 million euros ($ 800 million) in aid aid. This will fund a significant arsenal for Ukraine.

Provides BILD details.


Biden wants 800 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles Send to Ukraine. Versatile projectiles can be fired from ground vehicles, helicopters or shoulder fires.

They are used against targets flying at low altitudes or medium altitudes up to six kilometers away. After firing, the stinger missiles will automatically move towards the intended target.

American soldiers with stinger bullets

American soldiers with stinger bulletsPhoto: US Army Photo by Sergeant Thomas M.

︎ In addition, the Ukrainians get 2000 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles. Once shot, it will find its target without fail. It can be carried by a soldier and fired while seated.

Betrayal for tanks: They attack the most vulnerable top.

▶ In addition, Ukrainians receive 6000 AT-4 tank resistance systems.

An American soldier carries an AT-4 grenade launcher

An American soldier carries an AT-4 anti-tank weaponPhoto: Training Support Activity Europe

▶ Biden also announced 100 tactical drones To provide. He did not specify the exact type. The “Politico” portal quoted Mike McCall, a 60-year-old Republican foreign policy officer, as saying that these were “switch-blade” comic drones. An official confirmed this to the portal.

This is the first time since the Russian invasion that the United States has provided such dangerous drones to Ukraine. The switch blade stays in the air for up to 30 minutes and is aimed at the target by the remote operator. Before that, she is shot from a pipe.

Ukraine may soon have a switchboard drone as well

Ukraine may soon have a switchboard drone as well Photo: Source: avinc.com

In addition, the United States sends:

  • 100 grenades
  • 5000 guns
  • 1000 pistols
  • 400 machine guns
  • 400 guns
  • 20 million bullets
  • 25,000 body armor
  • 25 000 helmets

Biden promised that the United States would help Ukraine acquire long-range anti-aircraft systems capable of hitting high-altitude targets.

The US government has already pledged $ 1.35 billion in military aid to Ukraine since the start of Russia’s war of aggression three weeks ago. Since the beginning of last year, US aid has totaled $ 2 billion.

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Zelenskyy to USA: “We need you now”

Prior to Biden’s appearance, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelenskiz, 44, addressed the US Congress.

“Russia has turned the Ukrainian sky into a source of death for thousands of people,” he said. There should be new sanctions against Russia every week, while Ukraine urgently needs more weapons and a no-fly zone.

“Now, in the dark time for our country and the whole of Europe, I urge you to do more,” he said, according to the English translation.

Delegates and senators responded with applause to Zhelensky’s speech. Speaking in both houses of the US Congress is considered a special and rare honor.

In his address to the two houses of the US Congress Ukrainian President Zhelensky

In his address to the two houses of the US Congress Ukrainian President ZhelenskyPhoto: Drew Anchor / AB

In his appeal for help, Zelensky also reminded Americans of their own struggle against attackers. Referring to the Japanese invasion of 1941, he said, “Remember Pearl Harbor.” “Remember 9/11,” he added, referring to the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. “We need you now.”

Biden announced the supply of weapons. Once again, he did not fulfill Jelensky’s wish for a no-fly zone.

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