December 10, 2022

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USA: Hacker attack – Thousands of gas stations run out of gas

Neighboring countries Supply barriers

Panic after hacker attack – Thousands of gas stations in the United States run out of gas

Line of cars outside a gas station in Charlotte, North Carolina

Line of cars outside a gas station in Charlotte, North Carolina


Gasoline leaks in eastern America after hacker attack on country’s most important fuel pipeline Authorities warn against putting fuel in garbage bags. Sometimes there are even fights.

AThe situation at the country’s gas stations has worsened as panic mounts following the hacking attack on the US pipeline. Thousands of gas stations in eastern America ran out of gas on Wednesday, forming long queues at pumps that are still working.

The American media released videos of the gas station fights amid widespread panic buys. The US Consumer Protection Agency (CBSA) has called on citizens on Twitter not to carry petrol in plastic bags. The reason given is that “when people are pessimistic, they stop thinking clearly”.

Transportation Secretary Pete Pattick said fuel should only be poured directly into the tank or into approved containers. “Now is the time to be careful and prudent.” CBSE, a consumer protection firm, has warned of “dangerous consequences”: “Do not fill plastic bags with petrol. We know it’s easy, but when people are pessimistic, they no longer think clearly.”

Pattikik basically called on the people to calm down. The government understands the concerns of the people. “But hamsters don’t do this better.”

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Liz Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney

East America faces supply blockades after a hacker attack on a colonial pipeline last week. In some areas, according to the special website Caspian, 70 percent of gas stations have run out of gas. Petrol prices have risen to their highest level since 2014. About a dozen states have declared a state of emergency – but this seems to be encouraging many motorists to buy hamsters.

“If the situation is so bad that our governors have to declare a state of emergency, it must be so bad that I have to refuel,” said Andy Lipov of Lipo Oil Associates, a consulting firm. “As a result, we have found that demand at gas stations is two to three times higher than normal, which makes the situation worse.”

Pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline was the target of a hacker attack last week with an extortion Trojan. The largest pipeline in the United States, which runs from Houston to the greater New York area in the state of Texas, has been temporarily closed. Activities are scheduled to resume over the weekend.

Biden wants to improve security against hackers

In the wake of recent cyber attacks on targets such as America’s largest petrol pipeline, the U.S. government wants to improve security against hackers. U.S. President Joe Biden has signed an order mandating IT service providers to, among other things, share some information with authorities about infiltration into their networks. The White House announced Wednesday evening (local time) that public and private companies in the United States are being subjected to sophisticated cyber attacks by government actors and criminals. Recent Security Measures Recent events show that current security measures are not adequate.

According to the White House, standards for strong cyber security measures in the federal government have been modernized and improved. Even when developing software for the federal government, higher security standards will apply in the future. A script is to be prepared for the reaction of the authorities to cyber attacks. The ruling provides for the formation of a panel with government and private sector representatives who can make specific recommendations for improving security measures in the aftermath of cyber attacks.

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