February 1, 2023

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USA: Half more hospitalized than Omigron Delta

Panorama Significantly reduces the risk of death

More than half are hospitalized in the United States than in the Omigron Delta

Row outside the Govt Experimental Center in Times Square in New York

Row outside the Govt Experimental Center in Times Square in New York

Source: dpa / Seth Wenig

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According to a US study that estimated 70,000 electronic health records from corona victims by the end of 2021, the hospital admission rate for Omigran infection is more than half that of Delta. In addition, the risk of death is 91 percent lower.

ICompared to the delta variant, Omikron leads to less serious illnesses, thus significantly reducing the number of hospital admissions. That sets New, as yet uncensored study Recommended by scientists from California and the American Health Institute CDC. Studies in South Africa, Great Britain and Denmark have reached similar conclusions. Glass “ It was first reported about.

The U.S. study estimated the data on the electronic health records of nearly 70,000 people who tested positive for the corona virus between November 30 and January 1. Omigran variation was detected in approximately 75 percent of the samples, with the remaining infections caused by delta variation.

According to the study, 235 of the 52,297 Omigran cases and 222 of the 16,982 people affected by the delta variant were hospitalized. This is 0.45 per cent for Omikron and 1.31 per cent for Delta. Compared to delta, Omigron infections are only half as likely to be hospitalized and associated.

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Lung infection is especially dangerous for young children.

No patient affected by Omigran should be connected to the ventilator. One died from a group of Omigran victims; According to the study, 14 people died in the group of Delta victims. Based on these data, the risk of death is 91 percent lower.

In addition, victims of Omigran were discharged from the hospital shortly afterwards. This virus variant reduces hospital stay by more than three days – 70 percent less compared to delta.

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