July 3, 2022

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USA: Saudi Embassy is now “on the way to Kashoki” – News Abroad

Washington – Monument against forgetting brutal murder.

On October 2, 2018, journalist and regime critic Jamal Kashoki († 59) was interrogated at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul, tortured and finally killed.

If the Saudis now look out the window of their embassy in Washington, it is engraved like a monument: a street sign bearing the name “Jamal Kashoki Way”.

Human rights activists unveiled a new street sign in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington on Wednesday.Photo: Nathan Howard / AFP

Part of New Hampshire Avenue is now known as the Jamal Kashoki Way. Activist Claude Taylor’s protest board hung here in 2018. Now the street has been officially renamed.

The Washington City Council voted unanimously last December on the name of a Washington Post journalist who was assassinated on the orders of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Murdered and Dismembered: Journalist and Critic Jamal Kashoki († 59)

Murdered and Dismembered: Journalist and Critic Jamal Kashoki († 59)Photo: MOHAMMED AL-SHAIKH / AFP

Kashogi, a fierce critic of the Saudi regime, was brutally murdered at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.

Carde / Map: How Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoghi was assassinated and mutilated in Istanbul

Washington has a long history of mocking foreign governments about changing street names – a section of Wisconsin Avenue in front of the Russian Embassy was renamed Boris Nemtsov Plaza. Activist Claude Taylor put up a sign on the front door of the embassy on March 7 renaming it “President Zhelensky Way.”

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