December 5, 2022

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USA: Six-year-old shot dead in traffic after argument

In United States A boy was shot dead after a street fight. She has a six-year-old mother California Local media reported that he was involved in an argument with another driver on a motorway. The mother’s vehicle was then shot from the other car, where the boy was sitting in the back of a raised seat.

The mother took her baby to the hospital, but he died of his gunshot wounds.

The mother is said to have gone to visit her son at a school in Orange, about 50 kilometers southwest Angels To stop. She was cut from another vehicle. Those involved argued with wild gestures, and then one of the two men in the other car fired at the mother’s vehicle.

The boy said: “Mom, my stomach hurts,” the mother’s sister told the local TV station The fox 11. The mother immediately stopped in a panic and saw that her baby was bleeding. The six-year-old died shortly afterwards. Two occupants of the other car, apparently a man and a woman, are wanted.

Gun attacks occur regularly in the United States. It was only Tuesday Washington A woman and her five-year-old son were injured when they asked for an order to slow down an electric scooter. Both survived. So far this year, 119 children, including 11-year-olds and 11-year-olds, have been killed by gun violence in the United States.

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