December 10, 2022

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Vaccine Campaign: The federal government is reaping heavy criticism for dictatorial videos

Watch the video: Criticism and Death Threats Against Influencers – The Federal Government’s Vaccine Campaign Recedes.

Violent reversal of the federal government’s vaccination campaign.

To promote the Govt 19 vaccine among young people, the federal government is bringing in social media stars Alicia Ava, InScope 21 and Twenty4Time.

In short clips, Dictoker invites viewers to get vaccinated. In doing so, they also exaggerate the arguments of teenagers who do not – or do not want to – vaccinate themselves.

Campaign videos created by “Jam Golden Hirsch” lose audience. Most likely, the videos make fun of the target group instead of meeting them on an equal footing with explanations and arguments. There are negative comments.

One of the influencers in connection with the campaign is said to have received death threats. (Source: FAZ)

Conclusion: Some short clips have already been taken offline again.

A spokesman for the Federal Press Office condemned the “threats of hatred, humiliation and violence” on social media as “completely unacceptable.” (Source: FAZ)

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