February 1, 2023

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Vaccine gospel opponent: American pastor dies of Govt-19 disease

Status: 03.12.2021 3:35 pm

Again, Marcus Lamb spoke out against the corona vaccine. Vaccine opponents and conspiracy theorists made their point on his television station. Currently, the American preacher is suffering from Govt disease and has died.

American TV preacher Marcus Lamb passed away last Tuesday at the age of 64. Lamp is the founder of the Texas-based evangelical broadcaster “Dastar Television Network” and a staunch opponent of vaccines. He is 64 years old.

“We announce with a heavy heart that Marcus Lamb, President and Founder of the Dastar Television Network, has gone home to be with the Lord,” the broadcaster tweeted.

His wife, Joni Lamb, announced at a station that her husband had been infected with the corona virus and had been admitted to hospital. He had diabetes, but he was completely healthy.

Pray instead of being vaccinated

According to CBN News, Lamb’s TV, the second largest Christian media group, has made a name for itself as a lawyer for those who refuse to be vaccinated during an outbreak. In the Lamb projects, doubts about the vaccine were constantly asked, and they used conspiracy theories as well.

The lamb suggested that his visitors pray instead of being vaccinated. In a broadcast earlier this year, the evangelist described vaccines as “dangerous” “test injections.” Vaccines can kill people or cause neurological damage. The proportion of white American evangelicals who refuse to be vaccinated is significantly higher than other religious communities.

Tributes to numerous evangelists

Lamps Destar TV in Dallas is available worldwide. Classic titles are good and bad, wonderful healing and religious freedom. Lamb’s sent about four million US dollars in 2020, which he received from the government’s program for companies affected by the epidemic. Within two weeks of receiving the money from the relief fund, Lamb purchased a jet.

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Many prominent American evangelicals paid tribute to him without going to the Lamb-vaccination campaign. Franklin Graham, son of evangelical icon Billy Graham, tweeted that he preached and taught about heaven, “and now he is enjoying paradise.”