December 9, 2022

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Vatican Wine: Pope Francis grows his own wine star winemakers

Pope Francis leaves you VaticanExpect bottles to be ready to grow and drink wine by 2026. “I planted a vineyard,” the pope’s wine adviser, Italian star winemaker Ricardo Cottarella, told the German newspaper. The Vatican commissioned him to work in the not-so-distant Castle Cantolpo Rome, To plant two hectares of vines, in the long summer home of the Catholic Church leaders. The first news about this project came in early 2021.

Francis himself did not live in a house in the Albany Hills, but in the Vatican in Rome. “I have not met the pope yet. But I know he is behind this plan, ”said Cottarella, 72. A grape harvest is planned for 2023. “Pope’s wine will be drunk in 2026,” he explained. “We will make 20,000 bottles.”

The Cottarella product is expected for commercial use. According to him, because alcohol plays an important role in Christianity, alcohol is likely to be more for the church. At first he had the idea of ​​using flags from the Middle East PalestineIntroducing the Vatican to the vineyard, the Italian said. But it failed due to bureaucratic restrictions. Flags have now been used from the area.

As a wine expert, Cottarella advises many celebrities and other reputed farms to grow their own wine. He is also president of the Italian Winemakers Association.

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