Venezuelan Immigrants Stand at Crossroad

Venezuelan Immigrants Stand at Crossroad as Ecuadorian President Demands Passport to Cross Border

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Last updated on August 21st, 2018

Hundreds of people from Venezuela are fleeing to Ecuadorian towns, only to be stopped at border checkpoint as new passport rules puts a halt to their dream of living a good life.

According to UN, the economic condition of the South American country has worsened since the prices of oil first dropped in 2014, and an estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled the country since. Its current condition is bleak and hyperinflation continues to scale down the standards of living. From food to medical shortages, as well as political crisis have left the country ‘In a state of Utter Shock’.

Venezuelan Immigrants

According to a Colombian Migration authority more than 4,000 Venezuelans have passed from Colombia to Ecuador using the Rumichaca border.

While most South American countries have accepted the migrants, following the harsh economic condition, Ecudorian President Lenin Moreno completely lost his cool stating “everything has a limit”. Adding, that Venezuelans without passports “simply will not be allowed to come in”.

While many South American countries offered to take those fleeing economic hardship or political persecution, Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno told local media on Saturday that “everything has a limit”. He added that Venezuelans without passports “simply will not be allowed to come in”.

This new rule came after Ecuador declared a state of Emergency last week over the influx of migrants.

Contrarily, many Venezuelans have not been able obtain passport, because their country has stopped issuing them due to shortage of ink and paper. Besides, who are still interested in or say can afford it, have reportedly paid bribes of around $2,000 to get a new passport, but with polarized economy, buying the legal document, signifies something pretty distant for major part of the population.

Hopeless, mortified, and dejected, the people have nowhere to go. Will they fight to live another day or will they give up on their lives? This has become a seriously debatable issue. Also, if the doors remain close for immigrants, and the authorities do not issue passports at a rapid rate, this silence must then be marked as ominous, triggering devastation at large for the Venezuelan’s who would then be nothing more than immigrants literally


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