December 10, 2022

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Vienna’s crime scene “conspiracy”: Inspector Eisner loses his job

Updated May 9, 2021, 11:17 am

  • It comes hot and suffocating in Vienna: after a senior officer dies while jogging, Moritz Eisner and PB Felner can be found in a thin business association.
  • They want no one to investigate, but they go to war against Goliath like David.
  • Vienna’s crime scene “plot”: a sweaty case in a beautiful landscape.

A review

of Iris Alaniali

Additional information on the “crime scene” can be found here

Moritz Eisner walks quietly through an official building. Draws a number, sits, waits. You can immediately see that something is wrong with the commissioner. This man is in deep shock. As it is so hot these days, drops of sweat run down his temples Ween, Can easily tear.

Of course we want to know immediately what happened. What is Moritz Eisner Led to the employment office, where the officer lists his interesting life and then desperately wants to know: “Exit? What did it do?” He replied: “My job.” Moritz Eisner was very upset inside – it was more worrying than many corpses.

Then real “Crime scene“Go. A jogger in the woods faints and then falls. With that expectant BB Felner He picks up his colleague Eisner from the train station. The joy of seeing them again is touching. At this point we know that Moritz Eisner should go to The Hague for a year. PP didn’t like it at all, but Moritz brought a few keys with little Delft Blue Clocks jingling – her own access to the guest room at her apartment in Holland. But we also know that these scenes take place a week before he arrives at Moritz Eisner’s employment office, and we can’t participate in this good mood, this friendly mockery between two co-workers.

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During their investigation, they find an old scandal involving the dead Jagger. Because Willie Wagner was the department head of the Ministry of the Interior. After being introduced the soldier sacrificed his friend, neighbor and fellow Leitner. Although he lost his position in the ministry, he fell very slowly into a position as a committee member of the dubious “Safe Future Association”, where private companies liaise with the Interior Ministry. Government contracts for a secure future – especially entrepreneurial contracts.

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Foam with anger along with the commissioner

And then it’s disgusting, almost so repulsive: Eisner and Felner are actually admitted to the club with majesty, and all the luxurious hairstyles and organized beards, perfectly matched slippery arrogance and passive-aggressive friendship seem too dense.

These peaks create an emotional roller coaster that is easy to understand with Moritz Eisner. Because shortly after visiting Dr. Leightner’s office and some sneaky notes, Eisner learns that he will never get a really secure position in The Hague. That’s a start.

The supervisor foams, and we foam with him. When disbelief catches up with him after the rage, when he sits alone on the roof of his apartment at night, we stare at him in the dark and in the city, disgusted by their decision-makers who think they are their own addiction to money. Reputation benefits the community.

Of course, even though Moritz Eisner is not officially allowed to do so, he continues to investigate, of course BP Felner helps him and his new assistant Mered Shande (Christina Scherer), and as it gets so hot this Vienna summer the sweat falls down – not the secret tears of the expelled, but the real sweat, Expression of the militant’s resolution.

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An elegant David and Goliath story

Ivo Schneider’s script spreads with class-fighting platforms and focuses entirely on the characters he allows to pull into fights like David-vs. Goliath. Since these figures are primarily in the form of Eisner and Felner by Harold Krasnitzer and Adele Newhouse, some of the tracks they follow are a little unlovingly tricky, not to mention that others are accompanied by very lucky coincidences. You notice the emotional tendency they master through spelling. Matthias Franzstein as Dr. Leighton firmly denies his dissatisfaction.

Director Claudia Japhtner-Johnstorf “Plot“With the best sense for the right film at the right time, his attitudes elegantly convey the ups and downs of emotions and temperatures.

The location of the main event also makes it easier for her: like two castles, the two modern villas of “Frenmees” Wagner and Leitner dominate the beautiful mountains near Vienna – the dead are white, suspicious blacks. No one here is innocent. Moritz Eisner has nothing to lose, and BB Felner’s faith is fearless and unconditional. Even the most modern air conditioning has no chance against this team’s extreme resolution.

The “crime scene” by 2020 will be 50 years old. So now he is his prime minister as some say. First, each of the 36 new episodes on the live broadcast was watched by an average of 9.1 million viewers. What can visitors expect in the new year? Group overview of what will happen in “Tadart” 2021.

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