January 31, 2023

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Violence in Namibia: Adolf Hitler fights against “toxic masculinity” | Politics

“It’s okay for men to cry…”

The emotional words of Adolf Hitler Unona (57), Namibia’s world famous district administrator. The politician is committed to fighting violence in partnerships and families, teaching about “toxic masculinity” – a reason for many acts of violence, according to Yunona. So, in Namibia, “16 Days of Operation” has now been announced – the campaign will run until December 10.

Unona gave a speech at the Day of Action in Ongwediwa (Northern Namibia), wearing a peaked hat that read “Stop Gender-Based Violence” and holding a red rose in her lap: “This year we are focusing on united action. End violence against women and end women.

Adolf Hitler also appealed to Unona on “Men’s Day” in Ongwediva: “Men can be strong. But they can also try to be authentic and empathetic!

However, this is not “accepted” in many cultures in Namibia. Politician’s finding: “In many of our cultures, men cry, show compassion, and take care of their own mental well-being.”

“Let men and boys show their feelings”

“But let me be honest with you: it’s okay for men to cry! Let men and boys show their feelings. Don’t let her feelings get in the way. Or one day they’ll explode and affect women and children!” Unona promised: “At this conference we will learn what positive masculinity is all about! It’s about men using their willpower to implement healthy behaviors in our communities.

Positive masculinity is the opposite of toxic masculinity. As men, we, as men, are willing to reject traditional male norms!”

︎ The politician said: “Femicides are on the rise in Namibia.” Subject: Killings against women. Urgent plea: “Let’s put an end to this barbaric behavior!”

Unona says violence often occurs “in the private sphere, in the family.” “Gender-based violence and violence against children is a global epidemic that affects one in three women in her lifetime. According to the police, most crimes are committed by family members or acquaintances from the area.

Thousands of acts of violence against women in Namibia

Background: According to the Namibian Police, 5,320 violent crimes were classified as “gender-based violence” in 2021.

► So women have been raped 447 times, 31 women have been murdered. Among men, 41 cases of rape and 20 murders were classified as gender-based violence. In 557 cases, children were sexually abused or raped, and eight cases of murder of minors were registered.

Adolf Hitler Unona warned: “These cases occur in our homes and communities, by our fathers and brothers, by our sisters and wives. This is not just an issue for the government, it needs to be addressed in communities including churches and community leaders.

Adolf Hitler Unona warned on “Men’s Day”: “Most violence is by men!” His Solution: “Positive Masculinity”

Photo: Namibian Broadcasting Corporation

Speaking on behalf of Deputy Minister for Gender Equality Doreen Cioga, Unona said the issue was of great concern. Speaking about Men’s Day, he said, “It is an honor and a privilege to be here today during this important men’s conference. This phenomenon was long overdue. End gender-based violence in Namibia.

Because: “One in four young women experience violence in their partner. 90 percent of intimate partner violence victims are men! This is a worrying situation for our country! Most sexual and domestic violence is committed by men!

And: “This situation I am highlighting is a call for us men in Namibia to come together and discuss how we can take action to solve this problem!”

Unona’s motto: “Positive” instead of “toxic” masculinity. The politician spoke to dozens of men who appeared from all parts of Namibia. Uunona: “That you have come shows: you are man enough!”

“We need to redefine what masculinity is”

District Executive: “I want to invite all Namibian men to understand what it means to be a man! Let’s redefine what masculinity is! We need to think more about positive masculinity and encourage each other to embrace it! “Now is the time to take concrete steps.

Unona: “Let’s talk about how we can recognize where violence is happening around us! In our environment and in our families. Let’s make sure men get the psychological support they need.

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